Friday, May 1, 2009

weekend floral you remember my last post on the "old Blog..."

I was moaning and groaning about never buying myself flowers anymore.

(not very lady like, I know)

Well...I decided enough is enough!!

I stood up today and declared to the house ( even though I was the only one home)

that I would fill it with flowers this weekend.

And so I did...

I bought bunches and bunches of floral and have put together a few arrangements thus far.

Have a peek with me...will you?

I found these green pom pommy things at Trader Joe's and fell head over heels in love with the color.

Okay hydrangea come with a little bit of a story.

From the beginning...

I drive a very big SUV Denali with big shiny wheels (thank you Mr C). I can't park this girl just anywhere. When parking...I take a little extra time to circle all lots for prime and spacious parking. When I parked...I noticed to my front that a familiar SUV was parked and the driver, who I immediately recognized, was already in walking route to Trader Joe's entrance. Apparently, she is capable of parking reasonably smaller SUV faster than I can park my big black bus. Now...I am going to tell you all who it was (cuz aren't we all nosey) but first lets continue on. I see "her" enter the shop and I knew I better high-tail it in there if wanted any shot of decent floral.

I am now in the shop and I see Mrs. Alber who owns the beautiful
Domestic Bliss shoppe in downtown Mesa (I frequent there often) is parked in front of the floral with her red Trader Joe's shopping buggy next to her (she was wearing super cute orangy dress...wonder where she found it?) All that I can see is the lovely Mrs Alber grabbing hydrangea bunch after hydrangea bunch and placing them in her buggy. I was heart-broken because really...that is the only reason that I was at Joe's in the first place. For the hydrangea. And now it was all gone. I thought for a second that I could probably take one or two of the bunches out of her cart while she was perusing the other flowers...but when push came to shove...I lost all nerve.

I literally stood and watched Mrs Alber pay for all of her flowers while pretending to be interested in the pots of fresh basil aside from her register (because if she was going to have a sudden mind change and put some back...I wanted to be at the ready). There was no mind change and little Mrs Alber in her cute orangy dress waltzed out of Trader Joes...hydrangea and all. I was a little sad but understood (after a fit of anger settled) that the white hydrangea were too beautiful to just take one bunch.

I will forgive Mrs Domestic Bliss and be back in your shoppe soon to purchase my Macintosh Trapp candle as usual.

So...I called my sister afterward and cried (not really..but close) and had NO OTHER CHOICE but to head into Tempe and try my luck at another Trader Joe's.

This is pure hydrangea dedication, girls.

Let me just say...I'm sure there is some nice girl out there now, crying to her sister via cell phone, complaining about the fetching girl in the espadrilles who took all of the white hydrangea bunches right in front of her.

I am sorry to whoever you are...but those babies were coming home with me.

Aren't they lovely?
(thank you tara for the inspiring idea about the burlap. genius!)

I found some other pretty flowers...some Roses, Lillys and Daffodils... and I made sure that they knew that they were just as important as the hydrangea...although I sense that they know the truth.

Roses are entirely appropriate on the night table.
(hard to see...but they are resting in an old bucket. charming!)

I'm off ladies...time to put some more arrangements together.

I hope some flowers make their way into your homes this weekend.

(Mrs Alber...I love your store and you are as chic as they come ...and no hard feelings for the hydrangea hogging)!!


  1. oh girl your flowers are fab!! I am posting some tonight, not as pretty as your arrangements though and I will link you! Happy Sunday! the burlap looks fab and I bet you looed cute walking into Joe's in your girly sandles, what are those called again! TE hee!

  2. Lovely house filled with flowers is the best! so glad you got your hygrangeas!!! I came over from taras blog to have a look at all the flowers and so glad I did! great burlap bows by the way!

  3. Love your arrangements and the burlap bow...perfect!!!!

  4. I love the flowers you purchased! TJs always has a great variety.

    Thanks for stopping by and I am glad I found your blog!


  5. You.....are stinkin' hilarious. I will be back for more..:) To think I have a TJ's ONE BLOCK from my house and I've yet to purchase flowers there. You've inspired me!

  6. Hi there, Tara sent me over to look at your flowers. I agree, flowers are so essential, and I admire your hydrangea love. Wow - you are dedicated! All those beautiful arrangements, and you say you were making more?!!

  7. Hey there pretty girl in the espadrilles...

    NOW~ I feel really bad. I didn't realize I was such a flower hog!! I get a little carried away sometimes when it comes to flowers! I would have gladly have given you some. Next time you run into me and I am being selfish- just let me know!

    Someone told me about your post & thought I would find it funny- and now that I see your picture I do remember us being at the floral area at the same time- you were being polite to someone talking about custard while I snatched all the flowers! Make sure you say hello next time & I'll promise to share!

    Have a blissful day!