Monday, May 18, 2009

monday's treasures

Today was fun and included 2 of my favorite things.
Spending time with my sister and treasure hunting.
We started off on a mission of sorts.
The goal was to find home goods for sister's abode and a few goodies to add to my collections.
We started off at Ross and here is what caught my eye:
I have actually had my eyes out for a cookbook holder that was attractive enough to leave on the counter tops...and today it was found.

I left the price tag on purposely for the was a mere $7.99
How do you leave that behind?
You don't.

You bring her home and snuggle her up with a favorite cookbook...mine happens to be one of my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.

At the Goodwill...we both got our hands on some Reader's digest books in perfect condition.
The binding and covers on these are so attractive.
Almost looks like tapestry on the cover.
They were $2.99 each.
I also found an old Alice in Wonderland book for Morgan.
It was priced at $1.99
That will be #1 on her summer's reading list.
Next: my favorite!
Vintage suitcases.
I always have my eyes peeled for these.
(i think we all have our eyes peeled for these)
The first one is cream on the exterior and perfectly clean.
The inside has beautiful peach colored lining and I don't think it has ever been used.
This one was $4.99

The second vintage suitcase that I bought is by far my favorite find of the day.
I walked past it a couple of times just eyeing her until I picked her up, and then, really fell in love.
It's a very boxy case and again, was in excellent condition.
She was priced at $5.99 and worth every penny.

Look what I found when I opened it up.
The lining looks like vintage wallpaper and had not one scuff or mark on it.
I appreciate who ever took such great care of these.
(thank you!)

They have already found the perfect home in our entry.
I love wondering who owned these before me and where they have been.
I have had such good luck thrifting today...I almost feel as if I should take advantage of that luck and drag my children out with me now.
What have you found during your thrifting lately?


  1. LOVE love love the contessa! She and I make dinner together all of the time!

  2. Had so much fun shopping with you today! I cant wait to get started on recovering my new chair, and refinishing my table! Gonna need some help ya know! YEAH!

  3. I love treasure hunting. I haven't been thrifting in a while, but last week at TJ Maxx I got a really cute evergreen in a bronzed metal container that was sooo cool. Looks like you found some great stuff.

    Regarding your comment on my blog. My daughter is 9 too! Our discussion started because her best friend called her chubby:o My heart about broke in a million pieces. It's really challenging having girls!!

  4. You found so many great things!!! I am a sucker for old suitcases too. And regarding cookbooks...Ina is always in my stand too:-)

  5. Great deal on your cookbook stand! I love having one! and the suitcase are too cute!
    have a great day,

  6. Rebecca, thos eare wonderful treasures, I especially love the vintage suitcases, in their perfect condition, no less. If I cooked I would have picked up that stand too, 7.99 what?? I found some old glass bottles that are super cool, and some fake pears, yup I said fake pears all together in one sentence! I love them! XO

  7. Great finds! I love the lining in those suitcases. $7.99 for the cookbook stand? Awesome! I was so excited to find an almost fleur de lis plate stand for $5 at Marshall's yesterday. Love those kinds of finds!

  8. What fantabulous goodies!! You're my kinda shopper!

  9. Those are some great little treasures! I love a good deal & a great find that fits so perfectly snug in just the right nook!
    By the way, I loved the little sneek peek into your beautiful home! I too love seeing other people's dwellings but I have to admit that it makes me feel a little bit of a loser. I have put my house on the back burner for so long! I need to get inspired. Sigh, maybe someday soon...
    Hey, call me!!! Seriously, I'd love to see you! 480-213-4847

  10. I love them, they are beautiful! I need to do some treasure hunting of my own...