Friday, May 1, 2009

little changes

Hi there!
Did you find me okay?
I'm so glad that you did.
Bad things happened on my bloggy last night.
Here's part of the story.
I typed up a lovely post dedicated to flowers (including some fabulous pictures picked just for you) and then all of the bloggy went scatter brained on me.
She completely shut down and decided to lose all of my goodies and rearrange them as she saw fit.
After an hour of sobbing and whining to Mr C...I turned off the computer and went to bed.
That was sad.
Woke up early this morning and tried to diagnose the problem while showering.
I came up with the idea that maybe my bloggy got the swine flu.
Well anyhoo...I gave up on trying to remedy Life on Decatur Street because nothing (and I mean nothing) that I tried worked.
So.....I decided to start fresh and begin a whole new bloggy.
Is very exciting actually.
Fresh beginnings and all.
Kinda like New Years...only not.
I don't have to make any resolutions do I?
After all...those are on the old bloggy.
So...if you will please remember to add this new blog address to your favorites list, sidebar or blog roll... or sticky note it next to your computer screen... or even jot down the address on the back of your hand...that would be great!
(you can still go and visit the old decatur street blog for looks at some old posts and fab pictues...may she rest in peace)
Cheers to new bloggys and a lovely weekend!


  1. well i'm here, so...
    I dread something like that.....
    and as for the swine flu......i hear that some chocolate will do the trick;-)

  2. And I just realized that somehow, someway, I missed having you on my blog roll. This is perfect because I will add your new site now!
    Have a great week,