Friday, April 2, 2010

i was pleasantly surprised...

Thursday was the 1st grade field trip to the zoo. I tried pretty hard to avoid being a parent helper for this one...but Landon won. Again. I wasn't crazy about going, but Mr C said he would go along with me. That man is my saving grace sometimes. He really is. We were blessed with beautiful weather that we thought would not happen due to the 70 % chance of showers that were predicted days before. It seems that maybe more of us were praying for sun than those praying for the rain.

I ended up taking 348 pictures on our trip and have a only a few to post for the sake of journaling and grandmas living out of state. So if zoo photos are not you're thing...check back later for more exciting content. I'll let most of the photos speak for themselves.

{i love that landon held mr c's arm off and on throughout the day...}

I have to tell you...this bull was in the same grassy area as the giraffes and various birds. I was so surprised to see them so content with coexisting.

{my absolute favorite animals at the zoo are giraffes...amazing}

I do have to say...the field trip was so much more fun with Mr C there. He had me laughing with off color jokes that are to inappropriate to repeat on this blog. I love that he spent his day off of work with us. Going to the zoo is such a great reminder of the creativity of our Creator. The different colors, sizes and characteristics that were given to these creatures fall nothing short of amazing.