Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wrap Up!

In a word...Christmas this year was just wonderful! We started off the season full of intent to make it the best and really celebrate all month long. I am truly satisfied with how everything turned out. We felt the spirit of the holidays clear and often. It's been quite awhile since I have been left with these feelings.

There really was something almost magical about Christmas this year.

We decorated early and let the berries and ornaments linger a little longer than usual. Normally, I find myself stuffing all of our holiday decorations back in their boxes the morning after Christmas. Not this year.
Our holiday break was spent playing games. Mr C and his mom spent about 3 hours playing Rummikub on Christmas afternoon. I refuse to play anything other than dominoes with these two...they are too competitive for me. Instead...I tinkered around with my new camera. Mr C and I agreed to only exchange stockings with each other. I was more than surprised when his mother disappeared during gift opening and then reappeared with a camera bag and my new Canon Rebel. My jaw was on the floor at one point. I am so glad that boy broke the "it must fit into the stocking" rule. It's been glued to my face since that moment.

Christmas eve and Christmas day were all about family and of The counter tops had a constant abundance of sweets and savories. Mama Sue brought 4 crocpots for all of her goodies. She never lets us down with her treats. She is the reason why I avoid the scale. I must have inhaled 30 of her rolo pretzels alone.
I am blessed beyond words for the wonderful parents that Mr C has. They have welcomed not only me, but my littles into their lives with open arms.

Being together as a family is always my favorite part. We were missing my mother who is living in Northern Las Vegas right now. She opted to stay put and spend Christmas with my brother and his family. Can't say that I blame her for not wanting to travel during such a busy time. Still, it's always hard to be apart this time of year.
We enjoyed each others company and spent lots of time laughing and just relaxing. That is really the best...isn't it?

I was able to persuade Mr C to avoid shaving so that I could see a little scruff on the mug.

I convinced my sis to let me use her profile for practice with my new camera. She quit after about 30 solid minutes.

There was a lot of slipper-wearing during our holiday. I loathe cold toes. Slippers are attached to my feet from about November until early March. I even sleep in them.

My sister seemed to be the only one really anxious for the holidays to wrap up...she was waiting for something really special to arrive from overseas........

.....Adam. He arrived late Saturday night from the UK. He's a delight and we were so excited to meet him. I could listen to him speak for hours. What is it about that English accent that is so pleasing to us Americans?
Fingers crossed for this one.
Now we are ready for the new year...plans and wishes have already been spoken. Goals are on the forefront of my mind. I read on another blog that suggest choosing a word for your year. Something to live by and something to strive for. With a little thought and an overwhelming pull toward this word that crossed my mind....I have decided that my word for 2010 will be : TRUE. I promise to be TRUE to myself so that I can be TRUE to my family and friends. No more worrying about what others see me long as I am TRUE to myself...I can be happy.
So...Happy New Year!
Cheers to being TRUE!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


this is precisely why i should not be allowed to purchase ribbon without supervision.
this is only part of what i picked up too.
i can't help it!
i really can't...
it is one of my favorite things to buy, stock up on, store and fill the craft bins with...
christmas this year is ready to be wrapped up in black, white and red with a little bit of tiffany blue here and there.
i can hardly wait to get to my wrapping!

speaking of wrapping up...can you believe that it is already friday?
when did that happen?
if this week is any indication of how fast the month will go by...
then i better high-tail it and get it in gear.
so much to do this month.
so much to do this weekend alone...
football tournament
last soccer game
soccer party
christmas tree shopping
date night at the hockey game with mr c
{trying out a new babysitter...wish us luck}
and then football sunday.
for now...i am running around the house picking up before i get the littles from school...
mr c is coming home form work to a massage from my dear friend, ashley!
{thank you're the best masseuse...worth the wait}
part of his birthday gift
{even if it is a week late}
hope your weekend is full of fun and christmas magic!!