Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hi girls!!!
I'm still here.
Oh my gosh it's been so long.
Did anyone miss me?
I sure missed checking in with you.
I went a little M.I.A since the kids have been home from school for summer break.
Days have been busy and fun (not to mention scorching HOT here in Phoenix).
The kids and I have been able to spend a lot of time with my sister, Jessica filling up the back of my Denali with all of our finds from thrifting. Can't wait to share with you what I have found.
We also brought back our Sunday Dinners.
We used to spend every Sunday evening cooking dinner together while the children kept busy playing with one another. Unfortunately...we all get so busy during the school year that we just kind of stopped having them. Jess and I both have mentioned that we would like to get back into habit of Sunday we started again last week!!
The children choose the menu while we were shopping at Trader Joes.
We prepared and served:
My (almost famous) Pesto Sauce on Flat bread with toasted Pine Nuts
Homemade Pizzas
Pepperoni and Cheese
Roasted Broccoli with lemon Basil zest
My Sister Jessica's Peanut Butter Fudgie Drizzled Cookies (yeah...amazing)

We seriously ate so much of the Pesto Flat Bread that we both ended up with a queer belly.
It is so yummy....and so worth having a queer belly for!!

Morgan's turn laying on the sauce.
This is what Mr C was doing while we were preparing dinner...
Go back to watching the game, sweetie...
Now...back to the menu...

We used toasted pine nuts throughout the meal...I am addicted to these guys.

My sister brought over this recipe for oven roasted broccoli.
She watched Ina prepare it earlier on The Barefoot Contessa.
It is the best broccoli dish that I have ever tasted.
I will probably never go back to steaming my little florets.
Let me know if you would like the recipe.

The first week of summer also brought us a football training class at my High School.
(go toros)!!!!
Mikey had been waiting for this night for a month.
It was a lot of fun and I could hardly believe how may kids were there.
About 200 of them!!

I sat in the bleachers and snapped 209 photos.
I'm pretty sure Mikey is still mad at me for that.

I love that he is wearing a Toro Shirt.
I wore those back in the day.
Class of '93 makes me feel old.

This little guy can't wait until next year to join the camp.
I'm going to smuggle him in a year early.
Landon is my little buddy.
I love this kid and I want another one just like him.
(no mother, i am not pregnant)
(but would not mind at all if i was)
Look at Morgan.
My only girl.
She like big sunglasses like her mom.
This was taken today on the way to the pool.
Our first official 'pooling' of the summer.
Why oh why did I buy the only house in The Valley of the Sun without a pool?
No matter...we went to Grandma's community pool.
(even though she doesn't live there anymore and we broke in and then rigged the lock on the way out so that we can get in tomorrow after the movie)

I mentioned that we have been thrifting like crazy and have filled up the back of my Denali more than a couple of times. We seem to have the best luck when we thrift together. So who am I to stand in the way of that kind of momentum?
This is an old table...exactly what I have been looking for to put in my family room.
I wanted something 'worn' with a chippy paint look because this is the table the children sit on and color on and eat on and do all other things on even though I ask them not to....
It was thrifted for $15.

I found another vintage suitcase at the Goodwill.
This is my oldest one yet.
Metal hardware on the feet and is a boxy and hard as can be.
It's an old Samsonite and I love it.
It was marked at $10 and I bought it on Goodwill's 50% off do the math ladies...a whole $5 bucks outta my pocket...not bad.

I found this lantern at HomeGoods.
She was on clearance for $15.
I saw one almost identical to this in PotteryBarn not too long ago.

I found this side table at HomeGoods also in the clearance isle.
I plan on using it in our front as a side table.
It goes perfectly with the French Farmhouse look that I am shooting for.
On clearance for $58.

This frame was found at HomeGoods also in the clearance isle for $5.
I haven't even changed the photo inside...I kind of like the picture it came with.

Summer is off to a wonderful start with great menus and great bargains.
I can't wait to share some of the other things going on Decatur Street.
It sure is going to be a busy summer.
Alright...I am promising that I don't let another 2 weeks go by before my next post.
Have a wonderful day, friends.
p.s...does anybody have a pool I can dip my toes into?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

purple iris

Hi there friends! I just wanted to share this lovely vintage jar that my sweet sweet friend, Tara, sent to me over the weekend. She has got to be one of the sweetest gals I know. Last week, she gave me a little heads up about keeping my eyes peeled for something in the post. A box from San Clemente arrived late Saturday and when I opened...I discovered the most wonderful jar under the sweetest hand written card. (im very big fan of handwritten cards and notes)

I was delighted.

So, while out today...I stopped by the market for a couple of things and walked out with 2 bunches of purple iris and nothing else that was on my list. I think that I lost all thought when I spotted them and I knew exactly where they would be going! Into my vintage jar. I wish that you could see the blueish green color that the jar has without the water in it. It's so pretty.

(the lid is my favorite has such a wonderful patina on it)

I filled the jar up with water, stuffed my iris in it and then wrapped some burlap string around the neck and dangled a little crystal drop off of the end.

Now really, how sweet is this little arrangement?

Almost as sweet as the girl who sent it!!

Thank you again, Tara!

I love my vintage gift.

She fits in perfectly in my home.


ps...isn't this world of blogging the most wonderful way to meet and befriend other women?

I spend more time here than in my kitchen.

shhh...don't tell mr c!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

monday's treasures

Today was fun and included 2 of my favorite things.
Spending time with my sister and treasure hunting.
We started off on a mission of sorts.
The goal was to find home goods for sister's abode and a few goodies to add to my collections.
We started off at Ross and here is what caught my eye:
I have actually had my eyes out for a cookbook holder that was attractive enough to leave on the counter tops...and today it was found.

I left the price tag on purposely for the was a mere $7.99
How do you leave that behind?
You don't.

You bring her home and snuggle her up with a favorite cookbook...mine happens to be one of my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.

At the Goodwill...we both got our hands on some Reader's digest books in perfect condition.
The binding and covers on these are so attractive.
Almost looks like tapestry on the cover.
They were $2.99 each.
I also found an old Alice in Wonderland book for Morgan.
It was priced at $1.99
That will be #1 on her summer's reading list.
Next: my favorite!
Vintage suitcases.
I always have my eyes peeled for these.
(i think we all have our eyes peeled for these)
The first one is cream on the exterior and perfectly clean.
The inside has beautiful peach colored lining and I don't think it has ever been used.
This one was $4.99

The second vintage suitcase that I bought is by far my favorite find of the day.
I walked past it a couple of times just eyeing her until I picked her up, and then, really fell in love.
It's a very boxy case and again, was in excellent condition.
She was priced at $5.99 and worth every penny.

Look what I found when I opened it up.
The lining looks like vintage wallpaper and had not one scuff or mark on it.
I appreciate who ever took such great care of these.
(thank you!)

They have already found the perfect home in our entry.
I love wondering who owned these before me and where they have been.
I have had such good luck thrifting today...I almost feel as if I should take advantage of that luck and drag my children out with me now.
What have you found during your thrifting lately?

Friday, May 15, 2009

p.s. i love you

P.S. I Love You.

This is one of my favorite movies.

I can finally watch it without crying like overgrown sobbing baby.

I have a habit of falling in love with a movie and watching it over and over again.

But watching it for design ideas and not necessarily for the plot of the movie.

(although..a movie with hot irish men who sing is reason enough to watch over and over)

(oh...and a lot of the time, said hot irish man has no shirt...i'm just sayin')

So...back to the movie and design ideas.

I fell in love with Hillary Swank's bedding in this movie.

(have picture but is of poor quality)

You can kind of see the yummy chocolate duvet and shams in this photo.

There is also lovely matelasse on lower half of the bed.

I am a sucker for a lovely matelasse.

(that is why i have 2 of them from restoration hardware on bed)

I have fallen head over espadrilles for this bedding set and have been searching the interweb for my very own yummy chocolate linens with white accent appliques of my very own.

I found that the bedding is 'out of production'...however, I did find the link to the textile company who makes the bedding and ladies....I heard the choir of angels singing when I took first glance.

I know that I want something similar in color to what was in the film...the chocolates and creamy whites are very much in my color palette.

John Robshaw Textiles is where I discovered this bedding that I am putting on my birthday list and Christmas list and any other list that may present an opportunity for asking for a gift.

(is it acceptable to make a memorial day list?)

This is the actual textile company that produced the bedding from the movie.

The coloring on this set is perfectly me.

I would absolutely require all photographed pillows as well.

A girl can never have enough pillows, no?

If you haven't already been over to

John Robshaw's site...jump on over there now.

You will be delighted with what you see.

(photos will also urge you to jump out of your chair and remake your bed so that it is of John Robshaw photo quality...the way these beds are put together is nothing short of stunning)

(i do like to use the parenthesis quite frequently, don't i ?)

I was very excited to find out that Bungalow, over in Scottsdale, does carry some of his product line. I am just hoping that this particular set is in store...would like to give it the 'run my hands accross it' test before potential purchase.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr C and I might be making a trip out there sometime soon.

I'll be sure to keep you posted!!

p.s. are there any other amazing must see linen companys or shoppes that i might not know about yet?

if so...please do share.

life on decatur

Just stopping by to wish lovely friends a lovely weekend.
This is last Friday, alone, before children are home for summer break.
I plan to make the most of my day and get lots accomplished.
Will be last chance to run errands without 'unenthused about running errands' children in tow.
Must first head to grocer for supplies for backyard bliss that was just planned with sister.
(backyard bliss sounds more fetching than bbq, no?)
Also, need to head to bookstore for something inspirational.
I'm thinking a new cookbook for my collection.
Might be nice to also pick up new summer feel good dress today.
(anthropologie is in same lot as bookstore...see where i'm going with this?)

Still am looking for perfect spot for these ladies.
They were passed to me from favorite bartender at Changs, Barbara.
Thank you, Barbara.
They were the in the window display of Bath and Body last spring and I wanted them so badly.
Mr C and I inquired to the (un)helpful store clerk to purchase them.
We got nowhere.
Then, one night sitting at the bar at Changs (even though Mr C and I don't consume the alchy), lovely Barbara was telling us about her wedding and all of the decor.
We only sit at the bar because of lovely Barbara (and Mr C loves the flat screen tv's above).
She described her table centerpieces.
I gasped.
I knew exactly what she was referring to.
She was able to purchase all of the flower pots from Bath and Body for her wedding and promised me a couple pots after she tied the knot.
Barbara passed 4 pots to me and I passed one to my sis.
Am still looking for perfect spot for them.
They have been moved all around the home.

I'm off now girls...time to run errands solo...before my babies are home from school.
3 o'clock comes quite fast these days.
If I leave now, I might even have time for a nap when I return.
Cheers to a wonderful weekend ahead of us.
I hope you spend it doing exactly what you want to be doing.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The best part of my day was spending time in the kitchen with this little Morgan. We made lemon muffins and snickerdoodles for the boys.
We didn't just bake...we talked...and it was wonderful.
We had chats about cinnamon...ipods...brothers, lip gloss application and art.
Clearly...the best part of my day...and quite possibly the best part of hers.
(in (very close) 2nd place best part of my day was undoubtedly my canoodling time with mr glad you decided to stay home from work my darling...canoodling with you is just as sweet as lemon muffins anyway)

(this is my little morgan...only she's not so little anymore...and i occasionally am mad at her for having perfect hair)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My oldest is turning 12 this summer. Not so much a kid anymore...but not quite a teenager. Even the title of 'young man' seems a little off putting and out of place. Mikey is graduating elementary school next week and heading for Jr high in the fall. I, admittedly, am not ready by any means for this change. I have been dreading it ever since he brought home the paperwork for enrollment to Jr High. (it took me 3 weeks to bring myself to fill out the papers) This is really the time that I have been questioning my 'my work' as a parent the most. Have I raised a self thinker? Have I taught him to trust his own judgement and make decisions that are from his own thinking and not from what the other kids in school are doing? I cannot begin to explain the anxiety that I feel for him entering into this new chapter of his life. It is something that I find myself worrying about more and more every day.
This summer...I will be focused on him the most...preparing him the best that I can. We will have ' the talk' about sex education (although i have no idea how i will even begin this talk...but rest c will be called on to assist in this discussion). He will be given more responsibility. This might be the hardest part of letting him grow up for me. I am the mother that still will not let my children walk to their school that is only 5 minutes away from home alone, for fear of what might happen. I am a mother that has been home with my children since day one. This has been the greatest blessing of my life thus far. Letting go a little, and putting so much trust and faith in Mikey and in my parenting is going to be difficult for me. I don't want to hold him back...but I want to be sure. Sure that everything that I have taught him about being kind and good, and not giving into pressure from his peers and thinking for himself all the while knowing how valuable this time in his life is.
Parenting has got to be the most difficult of jobs. In essence...we are responsible for molding our children. We are responsible for giving them proper guidelines and tools for life. We are responsible for keeping our babies close and helping them develop who they are and then later, knowing when it is time to pull back and give them their own freedoms to develop the rest on their own. This is exactly where find myself with my oldest son. He is ready to start some of the work on who he is...on his own. I'm just not ready for that. Not yet.
I really don't know of any greater challenge or blessing in this life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

so good

I'm in love...again.
This time...the receiving end of my affection are my new pillows.
Burlap pillows with crown embellishments to be exact.
Oh...add some linen and the No 7 and I fell.
I feel hard.
I first saw these spectacular pillows on Heather Bullard's blog.
(her photo of them was incredible)
I was left with a serious case of the must haves.
(i always get the must you?)
She posted the link to the pillows creator, Rose.
I immediately (if not sooner) headed over to
so that I could get my hands on some of these beauties and cure my case of the must haves and pass it onto someone else.
I spoke to Rose a couple of times on the telly and she is just the sweetest.
The sweetest!!
I placed my order for one crown pillow and then Rose (i think on purpose because she could obviously tell that i was an easy close) mentioned to me that she had made extras for future orders...
Oh really?
So...I asked Rose to add a couple more pillows to my order and surprise me.
I knew that all of her pillows are spectacular and would all be welcome in my home.

The one above is my favorite.

I love her use of the burlap with the linen and crown on top.

I am in love with and fully support this Burlap Pillow Movement.

I had mentioned to Rose that I liked the No 7 pillow that she had on her blog...
and voila....
....she now sits in my home.
I have developed major crush on these earthy tones.
(do you have a bad case of the must haves now?)

So ladies...if you are finding yourself with a bad case of the must haves...then head over to Rose's blog at The Tarnished Crown and have a look for yourself.
(her email link is listed on her bloggy)

I will leave you with this warning.

You will fall madly head over heels in love with her pillows.

They are so pretty.

So go now...I have to get back to fluffing my new pillows.

Cheers to Monday!


(fluff, fluff, fluff)

Friday, May 8, 2009

and the winner is................

Paige of Simple Thoughts!
(i know it's hard to read on the little white paper...but i promise it says paige)
So Paige...shoot an email on over to me with your shipping info and I will have your Lollia put in the post straight away.

Thank you to all of you lovely girls for leaving comments...I really do wish that I had a candle and bath salts for each one of you.

I'm thinking this contest thingy might need to be something that I do on the's fun, no?
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.
Soak it up!
Sleep in!
Let them make you breakfast!
Let them smother you in kisses!
Let them make you feel like the queen that you are!


(side c says that i have officially become a blogging there an antidote or 5-step program for this...i could see it turning into a problem)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 years ago

2 years ago this week...
i moved onto decatur street.
2 years ago this week...
i started my 'new life.'
2 years ago this week...
i didn't have to look for anything to make me happy...
i just started to wake up that way.
2 years ago this week...
marked my new beginning.
This is something that I can be grateful to celebrate today, because it means that 2 years ago this week...I was out of my sinking marriage...conquering my worst fear of being on my own in this world with my 3 children.
I was always afraid of being a 'single mom' but somehow knew that it was part of my future.
Living on Decatur Street has been one of the greatest blessings in our family.
It was my 'last choice' neighborhood.
I was set on living up on the mountain in one of the brand new homes with hardwood already on the floors and granite glistening on the counters.
No work to be done...just move in ready.
I wanted new and only new.
(i was a bit of a snob, i guess)
Then one day...driving around one of the neighborhoods around my children's school...I got lost and 'stumbled' onto Decatur Street.
As I drove down the street...I saw a little white house to my left with a 'for sale by owner' sign staked into the ground.
"That's kinda cute."
I jumped out of my car, grabbed the flyer and headed back to the school to pick up my kids.
While waiting I read the information about the little white house on Decatur Street.
There were a few pictures and I was surprised that I was liking what I saw.
This was not a 'new' house on the mountain.
In fact, she was 15 years old.
I immediately called the home's owner and rambled off some questions.
I had goosebumps and a queer belly while speaking with her.
I knew.
I knew this was our new home.
That call ended and was followed with a call to my soon to be ex-husband informing him that I had another one to look at.
(thank goodness we divorced still as friends and were able to be helpful to one another...he was my house hunting companion) appointment was made to see it.
We took our kids to Decatur Street later that evening, and when we walked inside...
the feeling of being 'home' was so strong.
Even the kids felt it.
I was standing in my new home.
It needed some needed a lot work to make me happy...but it had great bones.
We left and talked it over...we both knew that even as a 'single mother' it would still be affordable for me...and there would even be a budget for the work it needed.
By 10 o'clock that night...
the house was mine.
I don't think that I got a wink of sleep that night.
I was busy redecorating it in my mind.
I immediately had the interior and exterior carpets went in after that and finally my granite was sitting on the kitchen counter tops instead of the sad and outdated blue laminate
that served there before me.
This house is over-flowing with love.
You feel it when you walk in.
I walk around this home and I feel so happy.
It is so much more than a roof over rooms.
This home is my testament to personal strength and change.
There are still project lists longer than Mr C's arms...
but we are in no hurry...
We plan on being here for a very long time.
This is our home.
Our home on Decatur Street.
(ps...don't forget to scroll down to the post below to enter the Lollia give-a-way)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sharing the love...

Hey girls!
So......funny thing happened to me whilst shopping yesterday.
Wanna hear....because it can benefit you too? goes.
Yesterday...I did my favorites post...remember? favorite listed was my Lollia bath products.
(just thinking about it relaxes me)
I was shopping in one of the cutest little shops around the corner of my home.
(okay...about a 2-3 mile corner from my home...sheesh)
I was perusing the sidewalk sale and stopped
(yes...said that silly phrase super loud)
Lollia products were marked down...way down!!!
I was so excited that I scooped up an arm full of goodies and headed to the register...
(i felt like the lady in that ikea commercial that feels like she just stole because the deals were just that good and she is running out of the store yelling for her hubs to "start the car!")
I took the new Lollia to my car and headed to my children's school to pick them up.
While I sat there waiting for the 3 o'clock bell to ring...anxiety crept into my chest and I thought about all of the Lollia that I left behind.
"Did I buy enough?" I thought to myself.
No no no no no no no I didn't.
When my children came running to the car...
I declared to them the super-fast-then-you-may-go-outside-and-play-or-get-a-snack errand that we had to go on straight away!
(i did also bribe them with a new webkinz and a trip to the water and ice for a scoop of the chocolate malted crunch...this was really just for a scoop of the chocolate malted crunch)
(my children hate running errands after school)
So...long story short (too late...i know)...
I have so much Lollia in my lovely home.
I want to share some of the love.....
How about a give-a-way!!!
Is anyone out there excited about this?
Here is what you can win if you just enter your name by leaving a comment... and how about including your favorite ice cream flavor.

16 ounce Lollia "wish" bathing salts
Lollia "believe"candle with the cutest little crystal charm detail draping off the wick.
Both of these products are amazing.
(i have used them both myself)
So...go on ahead now and leave your comment.
I'm thinking I will draw the winner (that is if anyone chooses to enter) on Friday eve.
What a lovely way to start the weekend,no?
Have a lovely Wednesday girls!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey Girls!
Hope your week is off to a good start.
If not...I just might have something that will perk it up!
My sister, Jessica is hosting a give-a-way on her blog!
All you have to do is help her out with a little decorating tip or two and enter your name to win one of her fabulous Shabby Aprons.
Trust me...these aprons are chic and fabulous.
They can be worn for cooking, or crafting, or even as lingerie...what?...I'm just sayin'...errr...that's what I have heard some others say they do.
(i will not share names...i will protect the kinky...i mean the innocent. yes...the innocent.)
So hop on over to my sister's bloggy and enter her fab give-a-way!!

Okay...shall we move on?
Good...let's go.
I am the kind of girl that will fall in love with a product and share it with everyone.
I believe in spreading the good news about whatever I am loving.
(for future reference...i love when girlies share their favs with me please do so)
That's what were doing today!
Sound fun, huh!
So let's see what's first:
Oooooh, my absolute favorite candle.
Trapp Macintosh Candle.
This is such a fragrant candle that burns perfectly and never looses is scent.
It really is my favorite.
One thing that I like about this candle is that it is a white candle in a clean looking glass funky candle colors here.
It also comes in this cute little box...perfect for gift giving.
These candles vary in size and range from $14-$24.
What's next...oh it's my Starbucks.
Enough said.
Dear Colombian Supreme Starbucks already ground,
I heart you from the very fibers of my being.
Without you in my Anthro butterfly cup every morning, I would not know what to do.
You gently wake me daily with your aromatic wonder...and for that...I am forever grateful.
You are the perfect accompaniment to my cream and sugar.
I can hardly wait to see you in the morning.
Until then,

Moving right along...
The very best bubble bath that a girl could ever want is Lollia.
This is a fabulous bubble bath that comes in a wine bottle.
You even have to unscrew the cork!
Besides the fact that it just looks incredible next to the really has the best feel and smell.
You only need a couple of drops from this lovely to make your bath smile.

Let's talk perfume.
The only thing that I really wear is Pink by Gap.
It's all citrus and no floral scents which had me at hello.
(rebecca does not like any floral scent on her person...will result in very bad like my kryptonite)
The best thing aside from the great pink bottle and fresh scent is the price.
You can have her for about $23 bucks!
You can always find a bottle right in the Gap.

For the face.
When it comes to daily moisturizers...
I have used the high end department store brands and I have also used drug store brands.
Truth be told...
I love Dove's Daily Facial Moisturizer.
It has been my favorite for years.
This cream is so smooth and light and hasn't let me down yet. (knock wood)
Let me know if you try it or already use it.
You can find it anywhere for just around $6.
Can't beat that. favorite.
My sister turned me onto coke-zero.
I live in Phoenix.
It's hotter than hot here.
Every summer I crave and ice cold Coke to beat the heat.
This summer...I wont be feeling bad about guzzling Coke -Zero.
It is sooo good.
Have you tried it?

This one is a fun one and I pick them up almost every time I make a Target run.
The papaya & mango Decosphere.
For $3 bucks your bathroom or laundry room or any room can smell tropical and smooth.
That beats a room smelling like dirty socks, no?
(a lot of times these guys have a dollar off coupon stuck right on the front of the package so keep your eyes peeled)

So there you have 'em.
A few of my favorites.
I would love to know if you use any of these products...tell me what you think about them.
Don't forget to share some of your favorites with me too...I am always up for trying new.
Don't forget to hop on over to my sister, Jessica's blog for the give-a-way!
Tell her I said hi!

Friday, May 1, 2009

weekend floral you remember my last post on the "old Blog..."

I was moaning and groaning about never buying myself flowers anymore.

(not very lady like, I know)

Well...I decided enough is enough!!

I stood up today and declared to the house ( even though I was the only one home)

that I would fill it with flowers this weekend.

And so I did...

I bought bunches and bunches of floral and have put together a few arrangements thus far.

Have a peek with me...will you?

I found these green pom pommy things at Trader Joe's and fell head over heels in love with the color.

Okay hydrangea come with a little bit of a story.

From the beginning...

I drive a very big SUV Denali with big shiny wheels (thank you Mr C). I can't park this girl just anywhere. When parking...I take a little extra time to circle all lots for prime and spacious parking. When I parked...I noticed to my front that a familiar SUV was parked and the driver, who I immediately recognized, was already in walking route to Trader Joe's entrance. Apparently, she is capable of parking reasonably smaller SUV faster than I can park my big black bus. Now...I am going to tell you all who it was (cuz aren't we all nosey) but first lets continue on. I see "her" enter the shop and I knew I better high-tail it in there if wanted any shot of decent floral.

I am now in the shop and I see Mrs. Alber who owns the beautiful
Domestic Bliss shoppe in downtown Mesa (I frequent there often) is parked in front of the floral with her red Trader Joe's shopping buggy next to her (she was wearing super cute orangy dress...wonder where she found it?) All that I can see is the lovely Mrs Alber grabbing hydrangea bunch after hydrangea bunch and placing them in her buggy. I was heart-broken because really...that is the only reason that I was at Joe's in the first place. For the hydrangea. And now it was all gone. I thought for a second that I could probably take one or two of the bunches out of her cart while she was perusing the other flowers...but when push came to shove...I lost all nerve.

I literally stood and watched Mrs Alber pay for all of her flowers while pretending to be interested in the pots of fresh basil aside from her register (because if she was going to have a sudden mind change and put some back...I wanted to be at the ready). There was no mind change and little Mrs Alber in her cute orangy dress waltzed out of Trader Joes...hydrangea and all. I was a little sad but understood (after a fit of anger settled) that the white hydrangea were too beautiful to just take one bunch.

I will forgive Mrs Domestic Bliss and be back in your shoppe soon to purchase my Macintosh Trapp candle as usual.

So...I called my sister afterward and cried (not really..but close) and had NO OTHER CHOICE but to head into Tempe and try my luck at another Trader Joe's.

This is pure hydrangea dedication, girls.

Let me just say...I'm sure there is some nice girl out there now, crying to her sister via cell phone, complaining about the fetching girl in the espadrilles who took all of the white hydrangea bunches right in front of her.

I am sorry to whoever you are...but those babies were coming home with me.

Aren't they lovely?
(thank you tara for the inspiring idea about the burlap. genius!)

I found some other pretty flowers...some Roses, Lillys and Daffodils... and I made sure that they knew that they were just as important as the hydrangea...although I sense that they know the truth.

Roses are entirely appropriate on the night table.
(hard to see...but they are resting in an old bucket. charming!)

I'm off ladies...time to put some more arrangements together.

I hope some flowers make their way into your homes this weekend.

(Mrs Alber...I love your store and you are as chic as they come ...and no hard feelings for the hydrangea hogging)!!

little changes

Hi there!
Did you find me okay?
I'm so glad that you did.
Bad things happened on my bloggy last night.
Here's part of the story.
I typed up a lovely post dedicated to flowers (including some fabulous pictures picked just for you) and then all of the bloggy went scatter brained on me.
She completely shut down and decided to lose all of my goodies and rearrange them as she saw fit.
After an hour of sobbing and whining to Mr C...I turned off the computer and went to bed.
That was sad.
Woke up early this morning and tried to diagnose the problem while showering.
I came up with the idea that maybe my bloggy got the swine flu.
Well anyhoo...I gave up on trying to remedy Life on Decatur Street because nothing (and I mean nothing) that I tried worked.
So.....I decided to start fresh and begin a whole new bloggy.
Is very exciting actually.
Fresh beginnings and all.
Kinda like New Years...only not.
I don't have to make any resolutions do I?
After all...those are on the old bloggy.
So...if you will please remember to add this new blog address to your favorites list, sidebar or blog roll... or sticky note it next to your computer screen... or even jot down the address on the back of your hand...that would be great!
(you can still go and visit the old decatur street blog for looks at some old posts and fab pictues...may she rest in peace)
Cheers to new bloggys and a lovely weekend!