Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wrap Up!

In a word...Christmas this year was just wonderful! We started off the season full of intent to make it the best and really celebrate all month long. I am truly satisfied with how everything turned out. We felt the spirit of the holidays clear and often. It's been quite awhile since I have been left with these feelings.

There really was something almost magical about Christmas this year.

We decorated early and let the berries and ornaments linger a little longer than usual. Normally, I find myself stuffing all of our holiday decorations back in their boxes the morning after Christmas. Not this year.
Our holiday break was spent playing games. Mr C and his mom spent about 3 hours playing Rummikub on Christmas afternoon. I refuse to play anything other than dominoes with these two...they are too competitive for me. Instead...I tinkered around with my new camera. Mr C and I agreed to only exchange stockings with each other. I was more than surprised when his mother disappeared during gift opening and then reappeared with a camera bag and my new Canon Rebel. My jaw was on the floor at one point. I am so glad that boy broke the "it must fit into the stocking" rule. It's been glued to my face since that moment.

Christmas eve and Christmas day were all about family and of The counter tops had a constant abundance of sweets and savories. Mama Sue brought 4 crocpots for all of her goodies. She never lets us down with her treats. She is the reason why I avoid the scale. I must have inhaled 30 of her rolo pretzels alone.
I am blessed beyond words for the wonderful parents that Mr C has. They have welcomed not only me, but my littles into their lives with open arms.

Being together as a family is always my favorite part. We were missing my mother who is living in Northern Las Vegas right now. She opted to stay put and spend Christmas with my brother and his family. Can't say that I blame her for not wanting to travel during such a busy time. Still, it's always hard to be apart this time of year.
We enjoyed each others company and spent lots of time laughing and just relaxing. That is really the best...isn't it?

I was able to persuade Mr C to avoid shaving so that I could see a little scruff on the mug.

I convinced my sis to let me use her profile for practice with my new camera. She quit after about 30 solid minutes.

There was a lot of slipper-wearing during our holiday. I loathe cold toes. Slippers are attached to my feet from about November until early March. I even sleep in them.

My sister seemed to be the only one really anxious for the holidays to wrap up...she was waiting for something really special to arrive from overseas........

.....Adam. He arrived late Saturday night from the UK. He's a delight and we were so excited to meet him. I could listen to him speak for hours. What is it about that English accent that is so pleasing to us Americans?
Fingers crossed for this one.
Now we are ready for the new year...plans and wishes have already been spoken. Goals are on the forefront of my mind. I read on another blog that suggest choosing a word for your year. Something to live by and something to strive for. With a little thought and an overwhelming pull toward this word that crossed my mind....I have decided that my word for 2010 will be : TRUE. I promise to be TRUE to myself so that I can be TRUE to my family and friends. No more worrying about what others see me long as I am TRUE to myself...I can be happy.
So...Happy New Year!
Cheers to being TRUE!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


this is precisely why i should not be allowed to purchase ribbon without supervision.
this is only part of what i picked up too.
i can't help it!
i really can't...
it is one of my favorite things to buy, stock up on, store and fill the craft bins with...
christmas this year is ready to be wrapped up in black, white and red with a little bit of tiffany blue here and there.
i can hardly wait to get to my wrapping!

speaking of wrapping up...can you believe that it is already friday?
when did that happen?
if this week is any indication of how fast the month will go by...
then i better high-tail it and get it in gear.
so much to do this month.
so much to do this weekend alone...
football tournament
last soccer game
soccer party
christmas tree shopping
date night at the hockey game with mr c
{trying out a new babysitter...wish us luck}
and then football sunday.
for now...i am running around the house picking up before i get the littles from school...
mr c is coming home form work to a massage from my dear friend, ashley!
{thank you're the best masseuse...worth the wait}
part of his birthday gift
{even if it is a week late}
hope your weekend is full of fun and christmas magic!!

Monday, November 30, 2009


monday's here again...
tomorrow is december 1.
when did this happen?
where did the time go?
today will be filled with putting the house back together after
our very long Thanksgiving weekend...
more laundry than i even knew we had...
dishes from turkey dinner still waiting to be put away in their place...
ribbon shopping at the craft store for christmas wrappings...
a trip to the home improvement store for more twinkly christmas lights per request by the handsome mr c...
there is a full pot of coffee to help me through today and plenty of creamer in the fridge...
i'm excited about the holidays
ready to celebrate the entire month
painting ornaments with little ones
school programs
christmas songs
and celebrating the meaning of this special time of year
for today
before the hustle and bustle of what december brings
i will focus on winding down november
taking a day to organize and prepare...
put the house back after company...
watch monday night football with the mister
and conquer a to do list longer than my arm!
what about you...
what's in store for you today?
are you ready to tackle another week?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

this girl...

...this girl was itching to create all day...
...she needed her hands to be busy...
...i know what that feels like...
...the need to make something...
...the feeling of needing to create what's been fluttering inside...
", can i make one too?..."
she wanted to make a ragamuffin garland like i made last week
only, hers was gonna be PinK!...
so...she gathered her scraps of fabric and ribbons in shades of pink...

she began cutting her strips of fabric
she was amazed by how much she needed
the table was covered in pInK!

then, she started tying the fabric and ribbons onto her garland strand...
one by one...
she could see it coming along after a bit...
then there was more cutting and more tying...
about an hour later...she was done!

so proud of what she made with her own hands...
this girl was satisfied...
...i know that feeling too...
completely fulfilled because you just listened to your spirit and created...
you used your hands to make something wonderful...

so we headed to morgan's room to find the perfect spot for her garland
she draped it across her bed so she could slumber right under it at night

...i hope you always listen to your fingers when they are itching to create...
...creating is what makes us unique and individual... inspired daily...
...share with us the gifts that make up you...
i love you!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Right now...the children are watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade. Morgan loves the mini musicals. I am getting ready to prepare my very first Thanksgiving turkey! I am a wee bit nervous. My mother always made the turkey, but she's living in Las Vegas now. {happy turkey day mom, i love you!} The house smells of cinnamon spice and with an expected 81 degrees today, the windows are open and welcoming the November air.

Right now, I am thankful for many of the blessings in my life...most of which center around my family, friends, a healthy mind, body and spirit. There is so much more to list but not enough time left in today.

Right now, I am wishing my sister, Deanna in Wisconsin, a very Happy Birthday! Maybe one of these days we can celebrate a birthday together D. I hope you are spoiled and smiling all day. I love you.

Right now, I am headed off to my kitchen where I plan to spend the better part of the my favorite people and soaking up all of what today means. I am truly in my element.

Right now, I am making plans to celebrate Mr C's 40th birthday tomorrow. More on that later.

Be back soon! Hope you have a wonderful day of celebrating.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2009

confession # 47

Last night I faked real bad girly cramps so that I would not have to give Mr C the 1 hour back tickle I promised him the eve before. {after the 1 hour back tickle he gave to me} I even brought out the heating pad and moaned a few times to sell him on my pain. Remember, you must commit yourself to make the sell. Woke up today felling really bad about that. Well, mostly bad.

Have decided that if I am asked to tickle the back of my beloved tonight, I will do just that. However, if I am not directly asked by Mr C...chances are I wont bring it up on my own either.

getting ready

Right now, our home smells like fall. Between my morning coffee and the Christmas Traditions candle I picked up from the party I hosted last weekend, it smells like fall all around. I've even told myself to ignore the impending 80 degree temps outside this afternoon.

Our home has also been smelling like banana bread! I love to make this and smother some butter on it for breakfast, or snack time and it's good for dessert also. As easy as this is to bake and as much as my family loves to nibble on it, I seem to only make it during the fall. Needless to say, our freezer is well stocked with ripe bananas and we will have no shortage of bread for nibbling during our Arizona Fall!

The little ones and I have also been putting out some of our Christmas trimmings. We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year and I really want our guests to feel the spirit of the holidays when they are over. {I don't think I had one piece of Christmas out last year.} We have decided to simplify the entire season this year. I guess realizing the importance of the holidays and toning down the "commercialism" has become our overall family theme. I consider the state of the economy and seeing struggles of some of our friends and family a blessing more than an hardship. We have learned to simplify and be grateful for much more. We have come together more than ever and that has tightened the threading between us. Mr C and I have discussions often about how we have changed was is important for us. We are blessed beyond what we deserve.
I saw this 'ragamuffin garland over at Life In Grace a few weeks ago. It was made with one article of clothing from each member of our family and then fabric scraps, ribbon, and whatever else that I took a pair of scissors to. I was pleased with how it turned out. for the holiday, I added a noel banner made from the pages of an old book and just used clothes pins to attach them to the fabric. I think that I mostly like the fact that there is a little bit of my family in this garland. The kids love to "inspect" it to see where their article of clothing is tied in.

We've begun tying red ribbons onto almost anything that will stand still. Remember, I said we're simplifying this year. I am resisting any and all urges to go and buy new. I have also leaned toward a more natural looking decor. Lots of leaves and pine cones this year. Natural burlap ribbons and twine.

There is so much to be grateful for this year. I am ready to start celebrating and spend more time with loved ones. This afternoon however, I will be spending time in the kitchen cleaning and testing a new cranberry recipe, time in the laundry room laundering, and time with my littles being grateful while collecting pine cones at the park!
Happy Monday!

Friday, November 13, 2009

in stitches

Today while Morgan and I were together and chatting in the car, she asked me if I had ever laughed so hard that it made me cry.

I answered her and told her that I had just cried the night before from laughing so hard with Mr C.

She asked what we were laughing at and I told her. I told her that Mr C was doing some of his crazy voices again and I was trying to follow suit. He's great at voices. Really great. Me, not so much. Mr C brought out his John Wayne impersonation and his Alf...he sampled some of his Scooby Doo and a few others that are family favorites. After he delivered his line with the corresponding impersonation, I followed his lead and gave my version. Mine were all horrible, but fantastically hilarious in their own right. We laughed and cried at each one of my attempts to sound like John Wayne or Scooby Doo. We ended our night with the best laughing tears.

When I was asked this question by my little this morning, it made me think about my laughing with my dear Mr C. We laugh endlessly. Endlessly, I tell you. It is, without doubt, one of my very favorite things to share with my love. I must tell that man about 47 times a day how funny he is. Really, I wish you could meet him. He would have you dabbing your running mascara while you would be asking him to stop so you could catch your breath.

For me, having a partner in life that can make me laugh and see the lighter side of things is just as important as the rest of the 'relationship' attributes. It is as important as faith in my spouse, communication with my partner and respect for the man that I chose to share my life with. I can say this because I once had the partner who did not know the value of daily chuckles and wiping the tears left over from laughing. I don't ever want to know that again. I feel I appreciate this even more. It is one of the strongest threads that make up what we have. It is us. We are always laughing. Ask our friends. Ask my sister. Mr C is most often grinning from ear to ear because I am right next to him laughing and telling him for the 47th time that day, just how funny he is.
Thanks for keeping me in stitches my love.

I hope your weekend finds you laughing until you're crying.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

right now...

...the dryer is tumbling and I have just finished baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. My children know that when I bake for them's an 'i love you' from me. Mr C knows this as well. My feet are tired from working on them, non stop around our home all day. They have asked for a much needed break only, I cannot reward them with 'time off' for at least another 3 hours.

Right now, I am packing up my little three hearts and sending them off to sister's for the night. {thank you, jess} Mr C started a new job 2 weeks ago and we have missed each other much. He is away from our home too much for my little spirit. We are grateful for the change in his path;it comes with great opportunities to offset the sacrifice of the long hours.

So tonight, the children will be away, the house will be quiet, and Mr C and I will share dinner, hand holding and some laughs. I love that man.

Now...what to wear to WOW that Mr C.

Monday, November 2, 2009



This Halloween had to be one of the most fun yet. I think we owe the greatness of this year to the simplicity that it shared. There was no fuss, no muss and best of all, no stress. We made paper decorations and even carved our pumpkins days early. { I don't even think that we got around to carving our pumpkins last year. } The children were most creative with their costumes and we spent a minimal amount on them. Funny enough, they were the best Halloween costumes to date.

Here's Landon. I have to admit, when I took this photo and looked at it on the screen of my camera, I couldn't believe that this was my sweet boy. He looks so mean and like the little Dracula that he dressed as. My mother was kind enough to make all 3 of my kids these vampire capes a few years ago. This is the second time that Landon has worn his for Halloween. All that we bought for his costume was some white face paint for $1 and some vampire teeth for $1 also. Landon was the most excited for Halloween. I think he had the best time.

Morgan decided early on that she wanted to be a granny and I loved her idea. She had visualized her costume from early on. We spent a lot of time in thrift stores, auntie's closet and mine to piece together what she wore. Her dress was thrifted for $2.99 and we sprayed her hair gray for $1. She used my old reading glasses, and sweater while carrying Auntie Jessie's vintage bag and jewelry. We fixed a pillow onto her bum and she appropriately walked with a limp while holding her side. She was funny. I think our neighbors and friends got a kick out of granny. Her big bum made us all laugh until we cried.

Mikey actually said early on in October that he was too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating. I kinda feared he would say this, but Mr C and I talked about it and thought that Mikey would do whatever made him feel comfortable. If he wanted to forgo the Halloween gig and stay home to pass out candy, that would be fine with me. About a week before the big day, he changed his mind and decided that he wanted to join in on the fun one last year. I was delighted. He asked to be a zombie and I gave him full reign of his attire. He shredded some old clothes and sprayed 'blood' on them and then let me paint his face green. His costume cost us $2. He had such a good time and was glad that he chose to join us.
I have to say that I am so grateful to be a mother to these 3. It is hard to express the emotion that runs through my body just spending my days with these guys. I realize more and more what precious and delicate spirits they are and how they have been placed with me to prepare them for this world. I am blessed beyond what I deserve.
With that, Halloween has been placed back in it's box and my mind is already turned toward Thanksgiving. I have started working on my menu and am going to begin testing out a few new recipes this week. I was at Potterybarn last week 'studying' their Thanksgiving table scapes and am headed back there this week with sister and camera.
I love this time of year. I only wish the temperatures would go down again. We are warm at 88 degrees today.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

been busy

I love October. I love the kick off to the business of this time of year. I have never enjoyed it like I am now. We have been busy. Busy with life.

A few weeks ago, Mikey started his flag-football league. Unfortunately, his team was without a coach. So, I signed Mr C and Mr C's brother Dave up to be the coaches. Mr C has quite an impressive football background and really is the most perfect person for this job. It is working out so well and has been so much fun to watch. So needless to say, we have been busy with football practice.

(mr c's brother dave is in the front of the photo and that's mr c in the background in the visor)
We had 2 weeks of practice before we were ready for this: Our First Game.

(mikey is also #8 like his sister in soccer and mr c in college football)

We are the Mountain View Toros. The sports director, Rocky, wanted to name the teams after the local high schools. I was a Mountain View Toro...class of '93.

Mikey played center for most of the game. Mr C gave him an opportunity to be quarterback toward the end of the game. He was awesome and love every minute of his football debut. I lost my voice from screaming so loud. I feel bad for Parker's dad. He videotaped the game while sitting next to me and probably has my screaming cheers on most of his video.

Mountain View Toros won 48-23

Mikey and I had a date 2 weeks ago. We were able to go to the
Star Wars in Concert show. It was amazing. Mikey has been a fan of the movies since he was 3. He can teach you anything and everything about Star Wars.
Something about this series speaks to him and opens up his creativity. It shows through the Star Wars Lego scenes he creates at home.

An orchestra was staged in front of a massive digital screen and while they showed scenes from all 6 of the movies, the orchestra played all of the songs from the films. It was incredible. Honestly, I was not too excited about going, but once the members of the orchestra started playing the Star Wars song that we all know, I was hooked. Seeing Mikey that mesmerized by something that he loves so much was the best part. We sat in the suites above and had a full view of the happenings. My boy was in his own Heaven that day.

Memorabilia was staged throughout the common areas and we could not resist a photo op with Darth Vader. We also have photos with Chewbaca and one of the Imperial Soldiers.
(i really don't know a lot about star wars but i like to think i have the basics covered)
Last week was Fall Break for my kids. They had an entire week off of school. Unfortunately, all 3 of them were fighting the flu. They spent most of the week lounging around coughing and sneezing. I have never seen my children so sick before. This flu was by far, the worst we have seen.
We spent a lot of our 'flu time' at home making decorations for Halloween. We decided on a back to basics theme for our home. Most of our decor was make from paper and various items from the craft closet.

a href="">

We had a lovely time with our paper, glue, glitter and scissors. Sitting for hours on the floor one day, the 3 sickest kids on the block were by far the happiest.

We are big on paper chains for every holiday in our home. I remember making those when I was a little one. Yesterday, Landon and Morgan headed to the Farmers Market on Main with me and picked out 17 pumpkins! At 15 cents a pound, it's hard to just pick a couple. We have them scattered throughout the home. I love pumpkins. I love their shape, their seeds, their smell and their texture. I have found some fun ideas for these guys and am anxious to try some out this year.

Our weather in Phoenix is finally starting to cool back down. In fact, my doors and windows are open as I type. I have fresh homemade granola baking in the oven and a pumpkin ready to lend us her seeds for roasting. This time of year swells my heart.
It really does swell my heart. Happy Fall.

Friday, October 2, 2009


so, this is my night. cutting up oranges and freezing grapes for morgan's soccer game tomorrow morning. i used to enjoy sleeping in on saturdays, perusing the shops in the afternoon and grabbing a late lunch with the family. now, we're up at 6am...stuffing the car with snacks, drinks, loungy chairs and colorful umbrellas...and the kids. we're heading off to soccer for morgan and football for mikey. no more sleep filled mornings and passes to be lazy. it's go, go and go some more. when did life get so busy? and when did my children start to have busier social calendars than me?

off to wash the soccer uniform and find morgan's missing shin guard. cheers to a lovely weekend...i do hope it's serving you well.

this is exactly when i would like to thank starbucks for opening its drive thru line early and for keeping it open late for me. okay, for us.

'orange' you glad i didn't make a joke about the oranges?...forgive me...i had to!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My foxy Mr C, I can't believe it has only been a couple of days since you left for San Diego. Seems much longer to me. Maybe it's because I have had 2 horrendous nights of restless sleep. Funny how I sleep 8 or 9 hours without waking when you are next to me. I cannot wait for a restful slumber tomorrow when you are with me again.

Last night was fun. We decided to forgo dinner at home and I let the kids talk me into In N Out, again. They committed to closing me on that, and for that, they got the sale. On our drive home, we rolled down all windows of the denali and played my new mix cd loud. I added Will Smith's Get Jiggy With It for good measure. The children thought I was cool because they witnessed their mother rap, rhyme and lay down lyrics like a natural. I think I got most of the words right. Mostly. I am pretty sure that if I had not been driving while rapping, I could have dropped it to the kitchen floor and picked back up again, like in the old days. Maybe not.

Today started the same as the last, the tease of a cool morning just outside of our door. Mandy tried to wake me early for a potty break and because you were not here, I had to take her out. It was still dark. I like when I do my fake sleep routine so that you have to take her out. That will be back on routine for Thursday.

Mikey and I dropped the younger two off at school and then headed to the Starbucks on Greenfield. I know, big surprise there. I treated him to a chonga bagel. We sat in the car while he ate, and I drank my coffee. Life is sweet.

Today was my day to help out in Landon's class. I walked into A-7 and many of the children ran up to hug me. Must be what it's like for celebrities. Sorta. I assisted with the assembling of the birthday crowns. Gluing and glittering. Then, the firemen came in and gave the first grade a fire safety lesson. I payed close attention. My favorite part was when firefighter Jake put on the gear in its entirety and breathed through the mask. He sounded just like Darth Vader. It was awesome. We lined up, boys on one side, girls on the other and proceeded to walk out to the lot in our parallel lines where the fire truck was parked and waiting. A tour of the cab was offered to the first graders. They loved it. I was then offered a tour and walk through of the cab, but had to decline on account of my 3 inch black Steve Madden Espadrilles. Clearly not the shoes for touring the cab of a firetruck.

I started to bore at home this afternoon so I headed out to HomeGoods for some perusing. When I walked in, I saw a man who walked exactly like my dad did when he shopped with my mother. I missed my dad terribly after that. I left the shop empty handed. I am quite impressed with my self-discipline these days. This budget thing is catching on.

I headed home around 1 and made myself the ole' faithful pb&j sammy. I changed it up and put it on whole grain bread. That, I think, makes it better for you. Shortly after that, I began my battle with today's headache. 3 ibuprofen later, I am plowing along okay.

I layed on your side of the bed for just a bit. Your pillow smells like you.

I picked Landon up from school and secretly watched Morgan walk to Jaimie's house for a play date. You know how I am always nervous and unsure of the children without me. At 4pm, we picked Mikey up and headed home when he declared that ' was great!' I inquired if any of the girls at Poston Jr High like the faux-hawk that he styled today. He entertained my question and said that it was complimented and also stirred some 7th grade controversy. Apparently, another boy accused Mikey of 'copying' the before mentioned faux-hawk to which Mikey, without hesitation, delivered the sharp reply, "Uh, I've been wearing the faux-hawk since like, the 3rd grade!" There were no hand gestures included in this hair battle. I thought it to be a witty response; the only sentiment that might have made it better would have been to add a "so there" to the end. I don't know if the kids are still using the 'so there' these days. Do you?

So now we are approaching the 5 o'clock hour. I plan to prepare and serve dinner at home after I pick Morgan up at 6. Then it's homework, baths, reading and Dancing with the Stars. I am somewhat embarrassed that I have already hooked myself onto this season; much like a fish desperate for its worm. Maybe that was too dramatic.

On another thought, whoever coined the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", is a putz. My heart is already very fond of you and I don't need you to be in another state to make me realize this. Just sayin'.

Can't wait to be with you tomorrow.

I love you more and most.


p.s...Did you give any more thought to letting me have some chickens in the backyard?

Monday, September 28, 2009


Hello sweetie. Day two without you. This morning came so fast and I was not ready. I woke unrested and riddled with back pain. Landon kept me up most of the night with his restless sleep. I was elbowed, kicked, scratched and head-butted by his body. I will never let him sleep in our bed again. I am now understanding of his repetitive morning phrase of, "I'm still soooooo sleepy." It makes sense now. He even at one moment rested his little Landon foot upon my shoulder. Would have been cute if it weren't for the lateness of the hour. I am hoping that tonight is better.

This mornings air was crisp. I let the back door stay open while I readied myself. I can hardly wait for Fall. Do you think it's close?

I dropped the younger children off at school on time as usual. Mikey asked to join me on my drive to Starbucks before his day at school. I have strong suspicion that he was hoping for a chonga bagel again. I did not oblige. This might be the reason for the quiet drive to Poston Jr High.

I stayed at home for a bit this morning. I spent time paying bills and organizing grocery lists. I set my days play list on the computer and declared my new anthem from Muse, titled Uprising. 'They will not force us; They will stop degrading us; They will not control us; We will be victorious" I'm not sure what all of the uprising and chanting is about, but I have decided to apply it to the school's PTO. After my chanting sing-a-long, I finally scrambled up energy to head out to do the grocery shopping. I spent an hour and twenty minutes up and down the isles. My shopping buggy was overflowing. It did not help that I was hungry. That could be the reason for my coming home with 6 boxes of crackers and 4 packages of cookies. The pantry and fridge are well stocked. Just a trip to the fruit market tomorrow and grocery shopping will be done for a while. I hope.

I came home and unloaded all 17 bags by myself. I immediately turned on the oven and made a veggie chicken sandwich for lunch. I had the flavors all worked out in my head. I would add shredded lettuce and relish with salt. The relish did not serve the veggie chicken well and left my bun soggy. I missed you when I opened the relish. Only because there are currently 3 containers of relish, opened in our fridge, all purchased by you because you can never remember if we have any.

me, smiling for you

The day prodded on slowly. The sun sat high up in the sky and baked us at 106 degrees. I thought of you sitting in San Diego, breathing in the cool salty air. I was envious.

I was thinking about you throughout the day. Did you mean to leave your shoes next to the bed...or was that an oversight on your part? No matter, I will put them back for you.

I picked the children up from school. All 3 of them had good days. Morgan walked to the car eating a Krispy Kreme. Landon came with a lollipop. Mikey just came to the car sans treats of any kind. I jokingly asked him if the girls at school liked his new haircut. I was surprised when he said, "Yes they did, mom." When I prodded about the cuteness of the girls, he asked me to leave it alone. I stopped. My son is a fox and he can't help it. I know his pain.

When we arrived home, we had snacks and then it was decided that Mandy needed a bath. She smelled. Bad. Morgan and Landon agreed to help. Landon with the hose is never a good idea. Remember how he flooded the backyard last month?

mandy prebath and smelly

Both Morgan and Landon were a great help. Mandy was not happy. Do you think that dogs know how to swear? I think Mandy does. Especially when Morgan insisted on using the conditioner on her after the shampoo. Something about wanting her to have a silky coat. I don't think Mandy cares about a silky coat. She rolls around in the dirt and leaves.

I am now happy to report that our family pup smells good. She has a soft coat and thanks to Morgan's conditioning treatment, she has a little shine.

It is now time for me to go and prepare dinner. I still haven't decided on the menu. I heard an earlier request for breakfast. Am entertaining the idea.

I will miss your company next to me in bed tonight as I watch our Monday night line up. Hope you are able to watch in Sandy Diego, as Landon calls it.

I miss you, honey. I hope your visit with your babies is fun and full of laughter and love. They are so lucky to have you for their dad.

p.s. Did you watch Brothers and Sisters in your hotel last night? Do you think that Kitty has cancer? I hope not. I really like her and she has the new baby and all.

I love you more and most.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


My darling Mr C, you have only been gone a few short hours and we here at Decatur Street already miss you. I wish that we had spent more time being close today, holding hands and the like, before our drive to the airport. We even missed holding hands in the car, didn't we?

After we dropped you off at the airport, the children requested dinner. The Cheesecake Factory won by a 3 -1 vote. I lost. Dinner was nice. Mikey had the usual, pizza. Morgan had the usual, mac and cheese, and Landon opted for the chicken strips with french fries. I know, creatures of habit, much like their mother. I ordered the salad that we normally share and made it half way through my grilled cheese. Without you there, I was forced to mix the ranch dressing and ketchup myself. It wasn't the same. We stuffed ourselves so much so that we did not share a slice of cheesecake. Wishing now that I had brought one home.

The evening progressed slowly. I fiddled on the computer while the children danced on the bed until all of the blankets and linens were on the floor. Morgan asked to make rice krispey squares. We added little m&m's and a chocolate drizzle on top. You would love them. I've already had two of them myself. Okay, three. I can't promise that there will be any left when you get home. You know how Landon loves a sweet treat. So does his mom.

Landon asked what you were doing with your kids in San Diego. He guessed that you were watching football with them. I'm guessing that he might have been right. Tonight we watched the Cardinal's game without you...sort of weird to have football on without you screaming at the tv in the background. The cardinal's lost. Real bad. Boldin had a decent night. Warner, did not.

It is now bedtime and your side of the bed is occupied. Landon is sleeping in your spot. He has already rolled over and whacked me in the face twice with his little 6 year old hand.

I miss you and I love you. I hope you are having a lovely time catching up with your children. Give them hugs from us...we miss them too.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

love for landon

Just wanted to declare my love for this little guy again.
He woke last night screaming in short bursts and shaking.
Poor boy had a nightmare that something bad happened to his mom.
I felt helpless that such a thought had crossed his mind in slumber.
Gratefully...he fell fast asleep while laying next to me.
Mommy loves you Landon.
I love you more than you will ever ever know.

in my bag

Okay ladies...I have secretly wanted to do this post for awhile now. Last week...a couple of things prompted me to finally follow through with it, not to mention, I needed something a little fun and light hearted after yesterdays serious essay.

First, standing in the longest of lines at Starbucks last week, I couldn't help but fall into my favorite past time to help ease the pain of waiting for my morning mocha. I people watched. And watched. I spied people of all sorts, shapes and sizes. Fashionable ladies stopping off to pick up their lattes and burly men waiting for their cup of undoctored fuel; none of that funny business of cream and foam or cinnamon sprinkles for them. I was particularly fascinated with one woman while I waited. She was carrying the smallest handbag I have ever seen. A tiny little bobble draped across her wrist. I couldn't get over it and, and as a result, was caught by little purse lady, staring at her belongings. This spying led to morning conversation with sister about handbags and content.

Second. I love to peruse through the celebrity rag mags. Love to read the pages titled, 'Stars, they're just like us!' It' silliness is uncanning. Really? Celebraties pick up dry cleaning and take their children to the park too? Amazing. Along the lines of this insert is the page where celeb girls show what handbag they are currently sporting and the contents inside of it. I read this page every time. I love it so. Something about always wondering what women and mothers of today can't leave home without.

So, without further is my.......

What Bag I Am Carrying and What's Inside.
(I truly am so excited to share)

This is my current bag, Gucci. Mr C knows how deep my affection for beautiful handbags flows and presented this bag, beautifully wrapped, to me for my birthday. The man truly has taste.
We get along so well, Gucci and I. We are both curvy in all of the right places and love to go everywhere together. She is accommodating and trustworthy and can make anything look good. (too much? okay...i'll hold back a little)
and here is what is inside......

I always have lotion in my bag. Not just for me but for Mr C as well. Car keys to the Denali and strangely enough, there is 1 key on my key chain that is a mystery. No clue what it opens up. I always have my Blackberry Storm floating in my bag. I hate this phone. Too high tech and fussy. Mr C thought it would be cute if we had the same phone so he upgraded mine when he bought his. Lets see...oh, I ALWAYS have anti-bacterial in me bag. I use it on average, 47 times a day. I'm a germaphobe. I am never without chapstick. Multiple tubes of chapstick at that. Am currently loving the pink shimmery chapstick coupled with my Chanel lip liner. The sticky Smashbox lip gloss is fun too. That yellow case is my Vera Bradley bag. In it, I have nail clippers, lip sticks, nail files, hair ties, Bobbi pins and the like. Keeping it in one bag keeps all of those little things in one spot as opposed to all over the bottom. Oh, my Louis Vuitton make-up bag...always take my powder and mascara and blusher with me. My purple wallet (am currently on search for new wallet) stuffed with shopping receipts that need to be logged into check register. I carry my leather journal and sharpie retractable everywhere. I use it to write notes or jot down reminders or recipes and grocery lists. Also, I am carrying the current book that I am reading. Never know when I'll get a couple of minutes to do some reading.

So there you have it. My bag and what's inside. Now here's the fun part...I am going to tag a couple of friends in blogland to do a similar post and share what's inside of what you're carrying. C'mon, it'll be fun and give you a new post idea.

Okay...I want to know what:
And to all to all of you others girls out there...
I wanna know what you're carrying aroung in your bag too. Come on now...don't be shy.

Monday, September 21, 2009


morgan started a soccer league this year and is loving it. she originally joined so that she could play with her 2 besties, jaimie and ellie. surely you're all aware that besties do everything together. unfortunately...jaimie was placed on another team while ellie and morgan are part of team thunder (named during a thundery rain storm a few weeks back). morgan has really taken to this sport and i'm delighted. i think that soccer is a great sport for kids.

(morgan is #8...she picked the same number that mr c wore while he played college football)


mr c is a natural athlete. his heart beats for football (and me). he is that guy...that guy who can play any sport and is really good at it. drives me nuts. nuts. sister and i once tried to double up and bring him down on the tennis court a few months back...he defeated the wonder that was our doubles team. lesson learned. he has not been invited back on the court since. i will no longer shoot hoops on the neighbors drive, toss around a football, play catch or even have a who can hold their breath the longest contest in the pool with this guy. i've learned my lesson. this guy is good.

at the first game of the season, mr c offered an incentive to morgan. for every goal scored, he would offer her 10 bucks. i am very much okay with offering incentives to our children. i feel that it is okay to add extra reason or reward to accomplish a goal. i grew up with my parents offering new clothes or money for good grades or treats at the supermarket for being helpful or well behaved during the week. i remember to this day that straight a's would get my sister and i a new Guess wardrobe. i wanted those Guess overalls so badly. remember those? okay, so during the game last week, morgan did not score a goal. she was not upset at herself or defeated...she just worked harder at practice and a few times during the week asked mr c if the deal was still good for game number 2. yes it was.

Here we are on saturday at the second game of the season. mr c and i were cheering on team thunder and reminding morgan as she was at the other end of the field about her incentive. she would look over and smile letting us know that she heard us loud and clear. as the game played on, morgan started to slow down and her stride clearly was tiring. these girls were playing soccer without a spot of shade in 102 degrees. it was hot and uncomfortable to even just sit and watch. when morgan came over for a guzzle of c upped the incentive. 50 bucks for a goal morgan! my reaction: huh? she smiled and headed into the team huddle. some of the parents around us were joining in on this incentive craze and offering a little coin to their girls as well.
Game goes on and still no goal by morgan.
Game is tied 1-1.
Morgan gets some good foot action at opponents goal and all was quiet when everyone hears mr c belt out from the bottom of his athletic lungs....Morgan, 100 dollars for a goal!
Long story c is less one hundred dollars in his pocket today. My girl morgan scored right after that declaration by mr c.
It is safe to say that she has earned all possible monetary incentive for the season. Any further reward will no doubt consist of trips to get ice cream and the like. Mr c has learned his lesson.
Let me just also say...I am so grateful for my mr c. He takes care of and supports my children like they are his own. He was as proud of morgan as much as i was and there is no doubt in my mind that after the game, when he went back to work, he bragged about her like she was his own. He truly is an amazing man.
( In case you were wondering...morgan collected her 100 bucks that afternoon and bought herself a nintendo ds...victory is sweet, no?)