Wednesday, September 23, 2009

in my bag

Okay ladies...I have secretly wanted to do this post for awhile now. Last week...a couple of things prompted me to finally follow through with it, not to mention, I needed something a little fun and light hearted after yesterdays serious essay.

First, standing in the longest of lines at Starbucks last week, I couldn't help but fall into my favorite past time to help ease the pain of waiting for my morning mocha. I people watched. And watched. I spied people of all sorts, shapes and sizes. Fashionable ladies stopping off to pick up their lattes and burly men waiting for their cup of undoctored fuel; none of that funny business of cream and foam or cinnamon sprinkles for them. I was particularly fascinated with one woman while I waited. She was carrying the smallest handbag I have ever seen. A tiny little bobble draped across her wrist. I couldn't get over it and, and as a result, was caught by little purse lady, staring at her belongings. This spying led to morning conversation with sister about handbags and content.

Second. I love to peruse through the celebrity rag mags. Love to read the pages titled, 'Stars, they're just like us!' It' silliness is uncanning. Really? Celebraties pick up dry cleaning and take their children to the park too? Amazing. Along the lines of this insert is the page where celeb girls show what handbag they are currently sporting and the contents inside of it. I read this page every time. I love it so. Something about always wondering what women and mothers of today can't leave home without.

So, without further is my.......

What Bag I Am Carrying and What's Inside.
(I truly am so excited to share)

This is my current bag, Gucci. Mr C knows how deep my affection for beautiful handbags flows and presented this bag, beautifully wrapped, to me for my birthday. The man truly has taste.
We get along so well, Gucci and I. We are both curvy in all of the right places and love to go everywhere together. She is accommodating and trustworthy and can make anything look good. (too much? okay...i'll hold back a little)
and here is what is inside......

I always have lotion in my bag. Not just for me but for Mr C as well. Car keys to the Denali and strangely enough, there is 1 key on my key chain that is a mystery. No clue what it opens up. I always have my Blackberry Storm floating in my bag. I hate this phone. Too high tech and fussy. Mr C thought it would be cute if we had the same phone so he upgraded mine when he bought his. Lets see...oh, I ALWAYS have anti-bacterial in me bag. I use it on average, 47 times a day. I'm a germaphobe. I am never without chapstick. Multiple tubes of chapstick at that. Am currently loving the pink shimmery chapstick coupled with my Chanel lip liner. The sticky Smashbox lip gloss is fun too. That yellow case is my Vera Bradley bag. In it, I have nail clippers, lip sticks, nail files, hair ties, Bobbi pins and the like. Keeping it in one bag keeps all of those little things in one spot as opposed to all over the bottom. Oh, my Louis Vuitton make-up bag...always take my powder and mascara and blusher with me. My purple wallet (am currently on search for new wallet) stuffed with shopping receipts that need to be logged into check register. I carry my leather journal and sharpie retractable everywhere. I use it to write notes or jot down reminders or recipes and grocery lists. Also, I am carrying the current book that I am reading. Never know when I'll get a couple of minutes to do some reading.

So there you have it. My bag and what's inside. Now here's the fun part...I am going to tag a couple of friends in blogland to do a similar post and share what's inside of what you're carrying. C'mon, it'll be fun and give you a new post idea.

Okay...I want to know what:
And to all to all of you others girls out there...
I wanna know what you're carrying aroung in your bag too. Come on now...don't be shy.


  1. love your bag and i also carry lots of liqued get off of me now germ repelant!
    Let me tell ya right now...i pulled out some stale cheese from my purse the other day and it wasn't pretty....
    so let me really think about this one...because i could lose alot of readers when i dump my purse out and show everyone my stuff...

  2. you are too funny!
    actualy my purse was drying...we've had some flooding & a backed up sink which overflowed onto my beloved dooney...have you watched the news lately? well, not about my purse in particular but the floods in georgia?
    all my stuff was laid out on the counter while it dried
    & thought
    the contents of my purse are all pink!

  3. What a cute post and most importantly what a CUTE BAG!! Now, here is the thing...and when I tell you this please don't laugh...I carry a small purse on most days, with a wallet, keys and a phone, that is it!! i know something is wrong with if you asked me to dump out my diaper bag that might be another story!!
    Great post my dear, I adore you...with all your girlie things and organization!

  4. You seem to have everything you need in there - so organized! I'm with you on the anti-bacterial gel. I keep one in my car, too. Stay away, germs!

    I definitely require a big purse for all my stuff. Yet it seems that I never have what I need in mine!

    P.S. How's the book on raising boys?

  5. my bag is so boring and so not as cute!! i could never show it!! :)

  6. cute bag you have there!
    I am currently carrying a Tommy Hilfiger and inside is my wallet, chaptstick, sunglasses, eyeglass case, lotion, keys and the "I'm never without" CAMERA!! cute post...