Sunday, September 27, 2009


My darling Mr C, you have only been gone a few short hours and we here at Decatur Street already miss you. I wish that we had spent more time being close today, holding hands and the like, before our drive to the airport. We even missed holding hands in the car, didn't we?

After we dropped you off at the airport, the children requested dinner. The Cheesecake Factory won by a 3 -1 vote. I lost. Dinner was nice. Mikey had the usual, pizza. Morgan had the usual, mac and cheese, and Landon opted for the chicken strips with french fries. I know, creatures of habit, much like their mother. I ordered the salad that we normally share and made it half way through my grilled cheese. Without you there, I was forced to mix the ranch dressing and ketchup myself. It wasn't the same. We stuffed ourselves so much so that we did not share a slice of cheesecake. Wishing now that I had brought one home.

The evening progressed slowly. I fiddled on the computer while the children danced on the bed until all of the blankets and linens were on the floor. Morgan asked to make rice krispey squares. We added little m&m's and a chocolate drizzle on top. You would love them. I've already had two of them myself. Okay, three. I can't promise that there will be any left when you get home. You know how Landon loves a sweet treat. So does his mom.

Landon asked what you were doing with your kids in San Diego. He guessed that you were watching football with them. I'm guessing that he might have been right. Tonight we watched the Cardinal's game without you...sort of weird to have football on without you screaming at the tv in the background. The cardinal's lost. Real bad. Boldin had a decent night. Warner, did not.

It is now bedtime and your side of the bed is occupied. Landon is sleeping in your spot. He has already rolled over and whacked me in the face twice with his little 6 year old hand.

I miss you and I love you. I hope you are having a lovely time catching up with your children. Give them hugs from us...we miss them too.