Wednesday, September 16, 2009


(this is me...looking smart as i peruse through the blogs)
.....that is exactly how i responded to my son's 7th grade homework this evening. seriously.
i was not of much help. especially when he brought out his accelerated math. i clearly cannot remember anything involving scientific notations and decimal notations. huh. quite frankly...i don't think that we studied this in the 7th grade. if we did, i missed the lesson. i obviously was too busy wondering what brett clanton was doing on the other side of the room. i probably spent more time twirling my curls with my pointer finger than breaking down equations and involving myself with decimals.
(i still rock the curls and twirl them without reserve)

( incidentally...brett clanton was just added to my facebook friends about that for weird. jr high crush from forever ago now a friend on facebook. )
(welcome to the year 2009, i guess)

let's get back to the homework...shall we? i couldn't help but wonder tonight...have i really been out of school so long that i can't search the recesses of my brain to pull out a session on 7th grade math? tonight...i'm left feeling a little deflated. 7th grade math just put me in my place. kicked my butt. shut me down.

please tell me that i am not the only one having math induced memory loss or feeling homework deficient with our youth.
totally unrelated note...did anyone see shakira perform on americas got talent tonight? i am never eating again and am signing my hips up for dance lessons. super sexy.


  1. Rebecca isn't Facebook so weird at times. Maybe I should look you up and then we could be friends on FB too:-) DOne, I just did, go check.

    Are you smarter than a 5th grader? I'm scared for the homework days.



  2. I'm dreading the days when my boys need help with their math homework (beyond adding and subtracting). Fortunately for them, my husband has a much greater understanding of the subject. I'll take English.

  3. Thats why i am grateful for GOOGLE... Jack and I were googling for his homework last night!
    He is only in 4th grade.. Oye.. ive got problems afoot with 7th grade then!

  4. first let me tell you i can't even grasp 3rd grade math.
    how am i to tell him he can't use his fingers to subract?? huh?! are from anthro last year...and i will wear them to their death!

  5. I somehow seem to forget some of my fav's to visit out in the blog world. I love your blog and always have since I found it through my best friend (Paige: Simple Thoughts) blog. Love your real here and just how you present in words and images.

    Happy day to you!

  6. oh honey, I can't even imagine doing Math with my kid..I am going to have to call grandpa! I stink so much at math...and #'s...funny, because i just put that in my post for tomorrow! ekkk...hope you are doing well, you look lovely sitting there reading blogs~

  7. Yes I love having a 7th grader, and accelerated math is the best!;) I was just helping Rach with hers the other night, or rather, she was helping me. I was trying to remember the quadratic equation and she just spouted it right out to me. Does Mikey have McFayden? Too bad they aren't in the same class, just like kindergarten! They could reminisce about learning to tie shoes in preschool...;)