Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My foxy Mr C, I can't believe it has only been a couple of days since you left for San Diego. Seems much longer to me. Maybe it's because I have had 2 horrendous nights of restless sleep. Funny how I sleep 8 or 9 hours without waking when you are next to me. I cannot wait for a restful slumber tomorrow when you are with me again.

Last night was fun. We decided to forgo dinner at home and I let the kids talk me into In N Out, again. They committed to closing me on that, and for that, they got the sale. On our drive home, we rolled down all windows of the denali and played my new mix cd loud. I added Will Smith's Get Jiggy With It for good measure. The children thought I was cool because they witnessed their mother rap, rhyme and lay down lyrics like a natural. I think I got most of the words right. Mostly. I am pretty sure that if I had not been driving while rapping, I could have dropped it to the kitchen floor and picked back up again, like in the old days. Maybe not.

Today started the same as the last, the tease of a cool morning just outside of our door. Mandy tried to wake me early for a potty break and because you were not here, I had to take her out. It was still dark. I like when I do my fake sleep routine so that you have to take her out. That will be back on routine for Thursday.

Mikey and I dropped the younger two off at school and then headed to the Starbucks on Greenfield. I know, big surprise there. I treated him to a chonga bagel. We sat in the car while he ate, and I drank my coffee. Life is sweet.

Today was my day to help out in Landon's class. I walked into A-7 and many of the children ran up to hug me. Must be what it's like for celebrities. Sorta. I assisted with the assembling of the birthday crowns. Gluing and glittering. Then, the firemen came in and gave the first grade a fire safety lesson. I payed close attention. My favorite part was when firefighter Jake put on the gear in its entirety and breathed through the mask. He sounded just like Darth Vader. It was awesome. We lined up, boys on one side, girls on the other and proceeded to walk out to the lot in our parallel lines where the fire truck was parked and waiting. A tour of the cab was offered to the first graders. They loved it. I was then offered a tour and walk through of the cab, but had to decline on account of my 3 inch black Steve Madden Espadrilles. Clearly not the shoes for touring the cab of a firetruck.

I started to bore at home this afternoon so I headed out to HomeGoods for some perusing. When I walked in, I saw a man who walked exactly like my dad did when he shopped with my mother. I missed my dad terribly after that. I left the shop empty handed. I am quite impressed with my self-discipline these days. This budget thing is catching on.

I headed home around 1 and made myself the ole' faithful pb&j sammy. I changed it up and put it on whole grain bread. That, I think, makes it better for you. Shortly after that, I began my battle with today's headache. 3 ibuprofen later, I am plowing along okay.

I layed on your side of the bed for just a bit. Your pillow smells like you.

I picked Landon up from school and secretly watched Morgan walk to Jaimie's house for a play date. You know how I am always nervous and unsure of the children without me. At 4pm, we picked Mikey up and headed home when he declared that '...today was great!' I inquired if any of the girls at Poston Jr High like the faux-hawk that he styled today. He entertained my question and said that it was complimented and also stirred some 7th grade controversy. Apparently, another boy accused Mikey of 'copying' the before mentioned faux-hawk to which Mikey, without hesitation, delivered the sharp reply, "Uh, I've been wearing the faux-hawk since like, the 3rd grade!" There were no hand gestures included in this hair battle. I thought it to be a witty response; the only sentiment that might have made it better would have been to add a "so there" to the end. I don't know if the kids are still using the 'so there' these days. Do you?

So now we are approaching the 5 o'clock hour. I plan to prepare and serve dinner at home after I pick Morgan up at 6. Then it's homework, baths, reading and Dancing with the Stars. I am somewhat embarrassed that I have already hooked myself onto this season; much like a fish desperate for its worm. Maybe that was too dramatic.

On another thought, whoever coined the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", is a putz. My heart is already very fond of you and I don't need you to be in another state to make me realize this. Just sayin'.

Can't wait to be with you tomorrow.

I love you more and most.


p.s...Did you give any more thought to letting me have some chickens in the backyard?