Friday, October 2, 2009


so, this is my night. cutting up oranges and freezing grapes for morgan's soccer game tomorrow morning. i used to enjoy sleeping in on saturdays, perusing the shops in the afternoon and grabbing a late lunch with the family. now, we're up at 6am...stuffing the car with snacks, drinks, loungy chairs and colorful umbrellas...and the kids. we're heading off to soccer for morgan and football for mikey. no more sleep filled mornings and passes to be lazy. it's go, go and go some more. when did life get so busy? and when did my children start to have busier social calendars than me?

off to wash the soccer uniform and find morgan's missing shin guard. cheers to a lovely weekend...i do hope it's serving you well.

this is exactly when i would like to thank starbucks for opening its drive thru line early and for keeping it open late for me. okay, for us.

'orange' you glad i didn't make a joke about the oranges?...forgive me...i had to!