Wednesday, October 21, 2009

been busy

I love October. I love the kick off to the business of this time of year. I have never enjoyed it like I am now. We have been busy. Busy with life.

A few weeks ago, Mikey started his flag-football league. Unfortunately, his team was without a coach. So, I signed Mr C and Mr C's brother Dave up to be the coaches. Mr C has quite an impressive football background and really is the most perfect person for this job. It is working out so well and has been so much fun to watch. So needless to say, we have been busy with football practice.

(mr c's brother dave is in the front of the photo and that's mr c in the background in the visor)
We had 2 weeks of practice before we were ready for this: Our First Game.

(mikey is also #8 like his sister in soccer and mr c in college football)

We are the Mountain View Toros. The sports director, Rocky, wanted to name the teams after the local high schools. I was a Mountain View Toro...class of '93.

Mikey played center for most of the game. Mr C gave him an opportunity to be quarterback toward the end of the game. He was awesome and love every minute of his football debut. I lost my voice from screaming so loud. I feel bad for Parker's dad. He videotaped the game while sitting next to me and probably has my screaming cheers on most of his video.

Mountain View Toros won 48-23

Mikey and I had a date 2 weeks ago. We were able to go to the
Star Wars in Concert show. It was amazing. Mikey has been a fan of the movies since he was 3. He can teach you anything and everything about Star Wars.
Something about this series speaks to him and opens up his creativity. It shows through the Star Wars Lego scenes he creates at home.

An orchestra was staged in front of a massive digital screen and while they showed scenes from all 6 of the movies, the orchestra played all of the songs from the films. It was incredible. Honestly, I was not too excited about going, but once the members of the orchestra started playing the Star Wars song that we all know, I was hooked. Seeing Mikey that mesmerized by something that he loves so much was the best part. We sat in the suites above and had a full view of the happenings. My boy was in his own Heaven that day.

Memorabilia was staged throughout the common areas and we could not resist a photo op with Darth Vader. We also have photos with Chewbaca and one of the Imperial Soldiers.
(i really don't know a lot about star wars but i like to think i have the basics covered)
Last week was Fall Break for my kids. They had an entire week off of school. Unfortunately, all 3 of them were fighting the flu. They spent most of the week lounging around coughing and sneezing. I have never seen my children so sick before. This flu was by far, the worst we have seen.
We spent a lot of our 'flu time' at home making decorations for Halloween. We decided on a back to basics theme for our home. Most of our decor was make from paper and various items from the craft closet.

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We had a lovely time with our paper, glue, glitter and scissors. Sitting for hours on the floor one day, the 3 sickest kids on the block were by far the happiest.

We are big on paper chains for every holiday in our home. I remember making those when I was a little one. Yesterday, Landon and Morgan headed to the Farmers Market on Main with me and picked out 17 pumpkins! At 15 cents a pound, it's hard to just pick a couple. We have them scattered throughout the home. I love pumpkins. I love their shape, their seeds, their smell and their texture. I have found some fun ideas for these guys and am anxious to try some out this year.

Our weather in Phoenix is finally starting to cool back down. In fact, my doors and windows are open as I type. I have fresh homemade granola baking in the oven and a pumpkin ready to lend us her seeds for roasting. This time of year swells my heart.
It really does swell my heart. Happy Fall.