Monday, September 14, 2009


Quite frankly speaking...i am tired of the heat and am ready for fall.

This is problematic considering i am currently living and melting in phx, az.

It was a whopping 103 degrees today...even at the half of our september.

My cravings are for my neck to be nuzzled by my favorite scarvies and for my hands to play hide and seek in my stripey gloves. I long to wear tights with boots and long sleeves under shorter ones. I have even convinced myself that this fall...i am going to sport some sort of fuzzy hat...inspired by jennifer aniston in her new movie know the gray one that she wears whilst she swoons over the dashing aaron ekhart....sigh.

It is no surprise then, that this evenings dinner had a hint of longing for fall as well. Despite the wretched temps outside my doors...i served to my children tomato soup with homemade garlic croutons atop and colby jack toasted sammies. Does anything beat a toasted cheese sammy?

It is taking every restraint that i have to hold off for a bit on the mugs full of hot chocolate and mini mushy marshies. (although, am quite sure they are soon to come seeing as how all items were purchased during this mornings trip to the grocer).

Dear Fall,

I long for your arrival. My Phoenix fall wardrobe is patiently waiting your return and relief from this dreadful hot cooker that we live in. (no offense, phoenix) I will welcome you with all of the traditions of the season and promise to not complain once when I wake with cold toes or dry elbows. We will celebrate your bounty and all the comes with you. Thank you for bringing candy corn and pies and apple spiced candles. Thank you for being a season when we can wear gray and black everyday if we so choose. Please hurry fall...I cannot wait for you much longer. I have already purchased my first pair of slippers in anticipation of your arrival. Please do hurry, Fall.

With love,

Rebecca anyone else awaiting the arrival of this time of year?...


  1. Scarves, boots, and coats... I cant wait for fall too.
    Sitting outside our Starbucks, sipping on a hot coffee, and nibbling the maple loaf!

  2. I, too, am dying for fall to make its arrival. It has to be soon, right?

  3. I am right there with you. I ran into an old friend at thesuper market and it looked like she had just decided not to wait. She was unappologetically wearing Fall attire! She was wearing jeans, boots, and an awesome sweater. I was inspired. What a rebel...

  4. Sooooooo ready for it. (Yummy looking sammy! Mmmmm.)

  5. your post just made me want to go and make a grilled cheese fact...yes, yes...time to eat MORE :)

  6. we have the best little cafe in a bookstore here and the best sandwich is a grilled cheese with 3 different cheeses on sourdough....

  7. me! me! me!!!
    I absolutely adore autumn - it is my favorite season! I love the mix of cool, rainy, blustery days with the crispy, cool, sunny ones.

  8. I would LOVE cooler weather. Haven't we suffered long enough? LOL

    Mmm grilled cheese. I don't even wait for cool weather for hot coca. We make it whenever we feel like it. hahaha