Friday, November 13, 2009

in stitches

Today while Morgan and I were together and chatting in the car, she asked me if I had ever laughed so hard that it made me cry.

I answered her and told her that I had just cried the night before from laughing so hard with Mr C.

She asked what we were laughing at and I told her. I told her that Mr C was doing some of his crazy voices again and I was trying to follow suit. He's great at voices. Really great. Me, not so much. Mr C brought out his John Wayne impersonation and his Alf...he sampled some of his Scooby Doo and a few others that are family favorites. After he delivered his line with the corresponding impersonation, I followed his lead and gave my version. Mine were all horrible, but fantastically hilarious in their own right. We laughed and cried at each one of my attempts to sound like John Wayne or Scooby Doo. We ended our night with the best laughing tears.

When I was asked this question by my little this morning, it made me think about my laughing with my dear Mr C. We laugh endlessly. Endlessly, I tell you. It is, without doubt, one of my very favorite things to share with my love. I must tell that man about 47 times a day how funny he is. Really, I wish you could meet him. He would have you dabbing your running mascara while you would be asking him to stop so you could catch your breath.

For me, having a partner in life that can make me laugh and see the lighter side of things is just as important as the rest of the 'relationship' attributes. It is as important as faith in my spouse, communication with my partner and respect for the man that I chose to share my life with. I can say this because I once had the partner who did not know the value of daily chuckles and wiping the tears left over from laughing. I don't ever want to know that again. I feel I appreciate this even more. It is one of the strongest threads that make up what we have. It is us. We are always laughing. Ask our friends. Ask my sister. Mr C is most often grinning from ear to ear because I am right next to him laughing and telling him for the 47th time that day, just how funny he is.
Thanks for keeping me in stitches my love.

I hope your weekend finds you laughing until you're crying.


  1. amen!! I agree with you 100%, been there done that too! hope you are well~

  2. cute! how are things on your end of decatur? hope all is well