Monday, November 23, 2009

getting ready

Right now, our home smells like fall. Between my morning coffee and the Christmas Traditions candle I picked up from the party I hosted last weekend, it smells like fall all around. I've even told myself to ignore the impending 80 degree temps outside this afternoon.

Our home has also been smelling like banana bread! I love to make this and smother some butter on it for breakfast, or snack time and it's good for dessert also. As easy as this is to bake and as much as my family loves to nibble on it, I seem to only make it during the fall. Needless to say, our freezer is well stocked with ripe bananas and we will have no shortage of bread for nibbling during our Arizona Fall!

The little ones and I have also been putting out some of our Christmas trimmings. We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year and I really want our guests to feel the spirit of the holidays when they are over. {I don't think I had one piece of Christmas out last year.} We have decided to simplify the entire season this year. I guess realizing the importance of the holidays and toning down the "commercialism" has become our overall family theme. I consider the state of the economy and seeing struggles of some of our friends and family a blessing more than an hardship. We have learned to simplify and be grateful for much more. We have come together more than ever and that has tightened the threading between us. Mr C and I have discussions often about how we have changed was is important for us. We are blessed beyond what we deserve.
I saw this 'ragamuffin garland over at Life In Grace a few weeks ago. It was made with one article of clothing from each member of our family and then fabric scraps, ribbon, and whatever else that I took a pair of scissors to. I was pleased with how it turned out. for the holiday, I added a noel banner made from the pages of an old book and just used clothes pins to attach them to the fabric. I think that I mostly like the fact that there is a little bit of my family in this garland. The kids love to "inspect" it to see where their article of clothing is tied in.

We've begun tying red ribbons onto almost anything that will stand still. Remember, I said we're simplifying this year. I am resisting any and all urges to go and buy new. I have also leaned toward a more natural looking decor. Lots of leaves and pine cones this year. Natural burlap ribbons and twine.

There is so much to be grateful for this year. I am ready to start celebrating and spend more time with loved ones. This afternoon however, I will be spending time in the kitchen cleaning and testing a new cranberry recipe, time in the laundry room laundering, and time with my littles being grateful while collecting pine cones at the park!
Happy Monday!

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