Monday, May 11, 2009

so good

I'm in love...again.
This time...the receiving end of my affection are my new pillows.
Burlap pillows with crown embellishments to be exact.
Oh...add some linen and the No 7 and I fell.
I feel hard.
I first saw these spectacular pillows on Heather Bullard's blog.
(her photo of them was incredible)
I was left with a serious case of the must haves.
(i always get the must you?)
She posted the link to the pillows creator, Rose.
I immediately (if not sooner) headed over to
so that I could get my hands on some of these beauties and cure my case of the must haves and pass it onto someone else.
I spoke to Rose a couple of times on the telly and she is just the sweetest.
The sweetest!!
I placed my order for one crown pillow and then Rose (i think on purpose because she could obviously tell that i was an easy close) mentioned to me that she had made extras for future orders...
Oh really?
So...I asked Rose to add a couple more pillows to my order and surprise me.
I knew that all of her pillows are spectacular and would all be welcome in my home.

The one above is my favorite.

I love her use of the burlap with the linen and crown on top.

I am in love with and fully support this Burlap Pillow Movement.

I had mentioned to Rose that I liked the No 7 pillow that she had on her blog...
and voila....
....she now sits in my home.
I have developed major crush on these earthy tones.
(do you have a bad case of the must haves now?)

So ladies...if you are finding yourself with a bad case of the must haves...then head over to Rose's blog at The Tarnished Crown and have a look for yourself.
(her email link is listed on her bloggy)

I will leave you with this warning.

You will fall madly head over heels in love with her pillows.

They are so pretty.

So go now...I have to get back to fluffing my new pillows.

Cheers to Monday!


(fluff, fluff, fluff)


  1. Those really ARE darling....every queen should have one. Guess I better get one! ;)

  2. I saw these beauties too on Heather's site! you are too cute, i love them in your home!! love them, and darling I always have the must have's on the brain, today though, it is "I must have a nap!" XO

  3. OK... I have the must haves, thanks!!!


  4. oh they are fabulous!!!
    they look perfect in your home too

  5. looks great! I love them too!