Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sharing the love...

Hey girls!
So......funny thing happened to me whilst shopping yesterday.
Wanna hear....because it can benefit you too? goes.
Yesterday...I did my favorites post...remember? favorite listed was my Lollia bath products.
(just thinking about it relaxes me)
I was shopping in one of the cutest little shops around the corner of my home.
(okay...about a 2-3 mile corner from my home...sheesh)
I was perusing the sidewalk sale and stopped
(yes...said that silly phrase super loud)
Lollia products were marked down...way down!!!
I was so excited that I scooped up an arm full of goodies and headed to the register...
(i felt like the lady in that ikea commercial that feels like she just stole because the deals were just that good and she is running out of the store yelling for her hubs to "start the car!")
I took the new Lollia to my car and headed to my children's school to pick them up.
While I sat there waiting for the 3 o'clock bell to ring...anxiety crept into my chest and I thought about all of the Lollia that I left behind.
"Did I buy enough?" I thought to myself.
No no no no no no no I didn't.
When my children came running to the car...
I declared to them the super-fast-then-you-may-go-outside-and-play-or-get-a-snack errand that we had to go on straight away!
(i did also bribe them with a new webkinz and a trip to the water and ice for a scoop of the chocolate malted crunch...this was really just for a scoop of the chocolate malted crunch)
(my children hate running errands after school)
So...long story short (too late...i know)...
I have so much Lollia in my lovely home.
I want to share some of the love.....
How about a give-a-way!!!
Is anyone out there excited about this?
Here is what you can win if you just enter your name by leaving a comment... and how about including your favorite ice cream flavor.

16 ounce Lollia "wish" bathing salts
Lollia "believe"candle with the cutest little crystal charm detail draping off the wick.
Both of these products are amazing.
(i have used them both myself)
So...go on ahead now and leave your comment.
I'm thinking I will draw the winner (that is if anyone chooses to enter) on Friday eve.
What a lovely way to start the weekend,no?
Have a lovely Wednesday girls!


  1. OHH girl, I want some I want some I want some!! I want to smell that candle too, looks amazig! Good girl for going back for me AND for getting a scoop of ice cream, life is too short not to have ice cream! :)

  2. HA, i just read my comment, I meant to say good girl for going back for more!! HA, I guess you could have gone back for me too, I dunno though! :)

  3. You are too fabulous! (and I adore how you ramble in your posts - much like the conversations going on in my own head constantly...)
    So, for me it is a toss up between coffee (reminds me of summers at my grandparent's house in the gulf islands) and daiquiri ice (light and perfect for really hot summer days). Although I do love the homemade cotton candy ice cream at the dairy just down the road. And in a pinch, just give me ice cream with a heath bar crumbled up in it. And if we were to expand the options to frozen yogurt, I adore white chocolate mousse from TCBY...

  4. Hi there... Um.. just incase Im Ooodles of lucky....
    Fav icecream: Mint Chip! or Mint Ice Cream from Cold Stone! Mmmmm...
    Im already wishing i went back for more candles.. what was i thinking to only get 2.. i told you to come with me!

  5. I just love when I find a good deal!

    My fav ice cream is Double Malted Chocolate Crunch from Rite Aid pharmacy. So yummy!


  6. favorite ice cream is cheesecake from coldstone...with graham cracker pieces in it! YUM YUM!

  7. Um, I'm trying not to eat ice cream - just cupcakes and the occasional piece of cake for me (gotta cut back somewhere :). But, these Lollia things look wonderful, so count me in!

  8. oh what fun!!
    i love lollia...i think i told you what my girls do when i use the handcream in the car...
    my favorite icecream is homemade peach!

  9. Count me in! Great giveaway!!! My favorite ice cream is daiquiri ice from B&R or homemade vanilla!

  10. Oh my, caramel, caramel, and more caramel. Crossed fingers.

  11. Hi Rebecca, just wanted to stop by & say a big 'thank you' for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I'm so glad you did or I would never have 'stumbled' upon your blog. I've really enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I've bookmarked your blog & look forward to visiting again & again.

    BTW, I love Lollia products & I'm so jealous that you found them marked down. They are never, never marked down here in Oz. I bet your home smells gorgeous with all those candles.

  12. i got here from tara's place...what a cute blog you have!
    i love mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone.
    now i'm thinking....should i have it for breakfast?
    it's nice to meet you.
    have a great day.

  13. I felt your excitement! I'm so happy for you -- you deserve some pampering & a good discount!
    Advance Happy Mother's Day!

    Oh, my knees get weak over Chunky Monkey ice cream =)

  14. Oh!! I heart a good deal!

    My favorite ice cream changes frequently. Right now I am loving Haagen Dazs Vanilla Honey Bee. Not only is it yummy put a portion of the proceeds helps to save honey bees.

  15. Chocolate Malt Crunch is my FAVORITE!
    I love your writing style :)
    Not here to win anything, just commenting to say you are so sweet to share your goods and thanks for the smile this morning!

  16. yeah.....I would love to be in the drawing!

  17. Pick me! I love Haagen-dazs chocolate chocolate chip.

  18. What a FUN giveaway! Never seen those candles but they sound wonderful! I LOVE getting smokin' deals on fabulous items! I tried commenting yesterday then my computer froze. Forgot to come back til now. Mmmm chocolate malted crunch! Haven't had that in forever! Probably since high school! I love anything with chocolate & peanut butter in it! :)

  19. Ooooo I love Lollia! (Okay, I have never actually heard of it before your post, but the picture gave me the warm fuzzies. :)
    And I loved your post. I am so glad you live on Decatur St.(actually, I am just so glad you live anywhere other than El Paso and that you miraculously never found reason to use the pepper spray:)

    Anyway, my new fav ice cream flavor is roasted banana ice cream from The Perfect Scoop cookbook. Or if I have to go for non-homemade, it would be Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone. But sadly I am finally starting my post baby diet and must not even dream about ice cream....