Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey Girls!
Hope your week is off to a good start.
If not...I just might have something that will perk it up!
My sister, Jessica is hosting a give-a-way on her blog!
All you have to do is help her out with a little decorating tip or two and enter your name to win one of her fabulous Shabby Aprons.
Trust me...these aprons are chic and fabulous.
They can be worn for cooking, or crafting, or even as lingerie...what?...I'm just sayin'...errr...that's what I have heard some others say they do.
(i will not share names...i will protect the kinky...i mean the innocent. yes...the innocent.)
So hop on over to my sister's bloggy and enter her fab give-a-way!!

Okay...shall we move on?
Good...let's go.
I am the kind of girl that will fall in love with a product and share it with everyone.
I believe in spreading the good news about whatever I am loving.
(for future reference...i love when girlies share their favs with me please do so)
That's what were doing today!
Sound fun, huh!
So let's see what's first:
Oooooh, my absolute favorite candle.
Trapp Macintosh Candle.
This is such a fragrant candle that burns perfectly and never looses is scent.
It really is my favorite.
One thing that I like about this candle is that it is a white candle in a clean looking glass funky candle colors here.
It also comes in this cute little box...perfect for gift giving.
These candles vary in size and range from $14-$24.
What's next...oh it's my Starbucks.
Enough said.
Dear Colombian Supreme Starbucks already ground,
I heart you from the very fibers of my being.
Without you in my Anthro butterfly cup every morning, I would not know what to do.
You gently wake me daily with your aromatic wonder...and for that...I am forever grateful.
You are the perfect accompaniment to my cream and sugar.
I can hardly wait to see you in the morning.
Until then,

Moving right along...
The very best bubble bath that a girl could ever want is Lollia.
This is a fabulous bubble bath that comes in a wine bottle.
You even have to unscrew the cork!
Besides the fact that it just looks incredible next to the really has the best feel and smell.
You only need a couple of drops from this lovely to make your bath smile.

Let's talk perfume.
The only thing that I really wear is Pink by Gap.
It's all citrus and no floral scents which had me at hello.
(rebecca does not like any floral scent on her person...will result in very bad like my kryptonite)
The best thing aside from the great pink bottle and fresh scent is the price.
You can have her for about $23 bucks!
You can always find a bottle right in the Gap.

For the face.
When it comes to daily moisturizers...
I have used the high end department store brands and I have also used drug store brands.
Truth be told...
I love Dove's Daily Facial Moisturizer.
It has been my favorite for years.
This cream is so smooth and light and hasn't let me down yet. (knock wood)
Let me know if you try it or already use it.
You can find it anywhere for just around $6.
Can't beat that. favorite.
My sister turned me onto coke-zero.
I live in Phoenix.
It's hotter than hot here.
Every summer I crave and ice cold Coke to beat the heat.
This summer...I wont be feeling bad about guzzling Coke -Zero.
It is sooo good.
Have you tried it?

This one is a fun one and I pick them up almost every time I make a Target run.
The papaya & mango Decosphere.
For $3 bucks your bathroom or laundry room or any room can smell tropical and smooth.
That beats a room smelling like dirty socks, no?
(a lot of times these guys have a dollar off coupon stuck right on the front of the package so keep your eyes peeled)

So there you have 'em.
A few of my favorites.
I would love to know if you use any of these products...tell me what you think about them.
Don't forget to share some of your favorites with me too...I am always up for trying new.
Don't forget to hop on over to my sister, Jessica's blog for the give-a-way!
Tell her I said hi!


  1. Amen to all of those sista! And thanks for sending ladies my way! :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    One of my new favorite products is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! It's amazing, not only for cooking with, but also for use on the body! My kids call it "liking lotion" It has done wonders for my excema prone little guy and my skin feels 100 times softer!

    Try it!

  3. I LOVE Trapp candles as well. They fill the room with scent. I will post another candle on my blog soon that is amazing as well.

    Thanks for sharing all you Fav's.


  4. Oooh I love list of peoples favorite things. Thanks for sharing. I need one of those candles.

  5. I used to sell Lollia in my shop, and i L.O.V.E it
    I wear their parfum every day!!

  6. oh i love a good "my favorites" post. i have found so many new great products that way.
    i LOVE lollia...yummy yummy...although when i put on the hand lotion in the car my girls roll their eyes & roll down the windows-please.
    anyway...hugs to you

  7. Good Morning peach! I love trapp candles, I forgot about them, I know how could I, thank you for reminding me...the others I have not tried. I am not a coffee drinker, err, did we just lose a notch in our friendship? Tehee!! Thanks for sharing, pop on over to my little spot, I shared something today that I dig, mostly for my little guy, bu anyhoo! XO

  8. Hey, I sent you an e-mail! check your spam! LOL! Happy Tuesday!

  9. Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for stopping by, when you have a minute, check our personal blog:
    (That's the one Tara refers to on her blog)
    Love your blog! We'll be back for sure!
    Clara & Marcela

  10. Hi Rebecca.......I hear ya on the coffee. Had mine this a.m., and have moved on (Cinco de Mayo, you know....) c'mon over for a margarita. BTW, love, love, love the Dove. Use it every day.