Friday, May 15, 2009

life on decatur

Just stopping by to wish lovely friends a lovely weekend.
This is last Friday, alone, before children are home for summer break.
I plan to make the most of my day and get lots accomplished.
Will be last chance to run errands without 'unenthused about running errands' children in tow.
Must first head to grocer for supplies for backyard bliss that was just planned with sister.
(backyard bliss sounds more fetching than bbq, no?)
Also, need to head to bookstore for something inspirational.
I'm thinking a new cookbook for my collection.
Might be nice to also pick up new summer feel good dress today.
(anthropologie is in same lot as bookstore...see where i'm going with this?)

Still am looking for perfect spot for these ladies.
They were passed to me from favorite bartender at Changs, Barbara.
Thank you, Barbara.
They were the in the window display of Bath and Body last spring and I wanted them so badly.
Mr C and I inquired to the (un)helpful store clerk to purchase them.
We got nowhere.
Then, one night sitting at the bar at Changs (even though Mr C and I don't consume the alchy), lovely Barbara was telling us about her wedding and all of the decor.
We only sit at the bar because of lovely Barbara (and Mr C loves the flat screen tv's above).
She described her table centerpieces.
I gasped.
I knew exactly what she was referring to.
She was able to purchase all of the flower pots from Bath and Body for her wedding and promised me a couple pots after she tied the knot.
Barbara passed 4 pots to me and I passed one to my sis.
Am still looking for perfect spot for them.
They have been moved all around the home.

I'm off now girls...time to run errands solo...before my babies are home from school.
3 o'clock comes quite fast these days.
If I leave now, I might even have time for a nap when I return.
Cheers to a wonderful weekend ahead of us.
I hope you spend it doing exactly what you want to be doing.


  1. Cant wait for the backyard bliss tomorrow! I agree... sounds so much better then bbq!

  2. those are so pretty! I'm sure they'll look great no matter where you put them!

  3. What??? When do your kids get out? Although, as you say that, I realize that my brother, who lives in Minnesota, is out at the end of may... We go until nearly the end of June!
    Have a fabulous weekend - LOVE the pink blooms!

  4. Rebecca, how did I miss this? Those blooms are amazing!! you are one lucky girl, I am sure they will look lovely anywhere you put them! Hope you had a good weekend! XO