Thursday, May 14, 2009


The best part of my day was spending time in the kitchen with this little Morgan. We made lemon muffins and snickerdoodles for the boys.
We didn't just bake...we talked...and it was wonderful.
We had chats about cinnamon...ipods...brothers, lip gloss application and art.
Clearly...the best part of my day...and quite possibly the best part of hers.
(in (very close) 2nd place best part of my day was undoubtedly my canoodling time with mr glad you decided to stay home from work my darling...canoodling with you is just as sweet as lemon muffins anyway)

(this is my little morgan...only she's not so little anymore...and i occasionally am mad at her for having perfect hair)


  1. what a doll!
    lemon muffins, snickerdoodles, and time with your honey...the perfect day for sure

  2. yes, she's a doll.
    and can you package up some of those cookies and send them my way???

  3. What a wonderfully perfect day Rebecca! she is a doll and isn't it nice to have the Mr. around during the week...canoodling sounds like fun, I think I should try that some day with my Mr.~ XO, have a lovely lovely weekend!