Friday, May 8, 2009

and the winner is................

Paige of Simple Thoughts!
(i know it's hard to read on the little white paper...but i promise it says paige)
So Paige...shoot an email on over to me with your shipping info and I will have your Lollia put in the post straight away.

Thank you to all of you lovely girls for leaving comments...I really do wish that I had a candle and bath salts for each one of you.

I'm thinking this contest thingy might need to be something that I do on the's fun, no?
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.
Soak it up!
Sleep in!
Let them make you breakfast!
Let them smother you in kisses!
Let them make you feel like the queen that you are!


(side c says that i have officially become a blogging there an antidote or 5-step program for this...i could see it turning into a problem)


  1. That is little Landon holding that paper! I can picture you telling him to hold still! :) As to why he is holding with both hands! He is so silly!
    Nuts, i didnt win!

  2. oh rebecca---oh YIPPIE!!!!!!
    i'm so excited. too funny, we were at anthro last night ( my sweet hubby doing mothers day shopping ) and i saw the lollia goodies and tried on another handcream...delicious.
    this makes my day--what a treat!!
    you are precious and i think there are a bunch of us requiring a 12step blog addicts program

    hugs to you & you and your precious family have a wonderful mothers day

  3. oh Paige won!! I wish you knew how much she will love this! Congrats to her! This was a great giveaway btw!

  4. oh--i just realized its for wish...YOOHOOO...thats my favorite of theirs. oh i'm truly a happy girl
    you rock girl!

  5. Yahoo Paige!! I am so excited for you!! great giveaway Rebecca!! And Happy Mother's Day sweetie! oh and I need that 5 step program for blog addiction as well!