Friday, May 15, 2009

p.s. i love you

P.S. I Love You.

This is one of my favorite movies.

I can finally watch it without crying like overgrown sobbing baby.

I have a habit of falling in love with a movie and watching it over and over again.

But watching it for design ideas and not necessarily for the plot of the movie.

(although..a movie with hot irish men who sing is reason enough to watch over and over)

(oh...and a lot of the time, said hot irish man has no shirt...i'm just sayin')

So...back to the movie and design ideas.

I fell in love with Hillary Swank's bedding in this movie.

(have picture but is of poor quality)

You can kind of see the yummy chocolate duvet and shams in this photo.

There is also lovely matelasse on lower half of the bed.

I am a sucker for a lovely matelasse.

(that is why i have 2 of them from restoration hardware on bed)

I have fallen head over espadrilles for this bedding set and have been searching the interweb for my very own yummy chocolate linens with white accent appliques of my very own.

I found that the bedding is 'out of production'...however, I did find the link to the textile company who makes the bedding and ladies....I heard the choir of angels singing when I took first glance.

I know that I want something similar in color to what was in the film...the chocolates and creamy whites are very much in my color palette.

John Robshaw Textiles is where I discovered this bedding that I am putting on my birthday list and Christmas list and any other list that may present an opportunity for asking for a gift.

(is it acceptable to make a memorial day list?)

This is the actual textile company that produced the bedding from the movie.

The coloring on this set is perfectly me.

I would absolutely require all photographed pillows as well.

A girl can never have enough pillows, no?

If you haven't already been over to

John Robshaw's site...jump on over there now.

You will be delighted with what you see.

(photos will also urge you to jump out of your chair and remake your bed so that it is of John Robshaw photo quality...the way these beds are put together is nothing short of stunning)

(i do like to use the parenthesis quite frequently, don't i ?)

I was very excited to find out that Bungalow, over in Scottsdale, does carry some of his product line. I am just hoping that this particular set is in store...would like to give it the 'run my hands accross it' test before potential purchase.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr C and I might be making a trip out there sometime soon.

I'll be sure to keep you posted!!

p.s. are there any other amazing must see linen companys or shoppes that i might not know about yet?

if so...please do share.


  1. I too have spent hours searching the internet for the P.S. I Love you bedding. If you ever find that very one, let me know. Perhaps they will bring it back one day! One can only dream! Nothing has ever caught my eye like that bedding ensemble.

  2. i love it also.
    let me know if you find it....

  3. drawing a blank on any scoop to send you but i love the bedding too
    hugs to you

  4. Oh, i love that bedding!
    Nice find Becks... oh and dont we love that irish man singing....

  5. Love "P.S. I Love You"! The bedding as well..

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! I'm off to read more of yours...

  6. I totally do that! I look past the stars in the movie to look at the decorating! My husband thinks that's funny. Did I see that you live near Scottsdale? My hubby is over in your neck of the woods. Do you ever go to La grande orange grocery? That's one of my favorite places in the whole world. (I've only been there once buy DYING to go back!)

  7. I LOVE that Movie! Love it! I do that too, but then like you, I get caught up on trying to find something and I obsess! I am so bad at bedding, it is hard for me...when you do find what you want, send pics, can't wait to see...!