Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 years ago

2 years ago this week...
i moved onto decatur street.
2 years ago this week...
i started my 'new life.'
2 years ago this week...
i didn't have to look for anything to make me happy...
i just started to wake up that way.
2 years ago this week...
marked my new beginning.
This is something that I can be grateful to celebrate today, because it means that 2 years ago this week...I was out of my sinking marriage...conquering my worst fear of being on my own in this world with my 3 children.
I was always afraid of being a 'single mom' but somehow knew that it was part of my future.
Living on Decatur Street has been one of the greatest blessings in our family.
It was my 'last choice' neighborhood.
I was set on living up on the mountain in one of the brand new homes with hardwood already on the floors and granite glistening on the counters.
No work to be done...just move in ready.
I wanted new and only new.
(i was a bit of a snob, i guess)
Then one day...driving around one of the neighborhoods around my children's school...I got lost and 'stumbled' onto Decatur Street.
As I drove down the street...I saw a little white house to my left with a 'for sale by owner' sign staked into the ground.
"That's kinda cute."
I jumped out of my car, grabbed the flyer and headed back to the school to pick up my kids.
While waiting I read the information about the little white house on Decatur Street.
There were a few pictures and I was surprised that I was liking what I saw.
This was not a 'new' house on the mountain.
In fact, she was 15 years old.
I immediately called the home's owner and rambled off some questions.
I had goosebumps and a queer belly while speaking with her.
I knew.
I knew this was our new home.
That call ended and was followed with a call to my soon to be ex-husband informing him that I had another one to look at.
(thank goodness we divorced still as friends and were able to be helpful to one another...he was my house hunting companion) appointment was made to see it.
We took our kids to Decatur Street later that evening, and when we walked inside...
the feeling of being 'home' was so strong.
Even the kids felt it.
I was standing in my new home.
It needed some needed a lot work to make me happy...but it had great bones.
We left and talked it over...we both knew that even as a 'single mother' it would still be affordable for me...and there would even be a budget for the work it needed.
By 10 o'clock that night...
the house was mine.
I don't think that I got a wink of sleep that night.
I was busy redecorating it in my mind.
I immediately had the interior and exterior carpets went in after that and finally my granite was sitting on the kitchen counter tops instead of the sad and outdated blue laminate
that served there before me.
This house is over-flowing with love.
You feel it when you walk in.
I walk around this home and I feel so happy.
It is so much more than a roof over rooms.
This home is my testament to personal strength and change.
There are still project lists longer than Mr C's arms...
but we are in no hurry...
We plan on being here for a very long time.
This is our home.
Our home on Decatur Street.
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  1. I love your house on Decatur!
    So exciting, and cant beleive it has already been 2 years! WOW!

  2. Your house is super cute!! I scrolled down and saw your flower arrangements. They are stunning! Love them!

  3. What a sweet Story, I love how you remember each detail and how you felt...I have a story similiar to yours..perhaps one day I will tell it, however, I am NOT friends with my EX..oh well, his loss right! HA! Thank you for sharing yourself...I do appreciate it! :)

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! A house is always more than a house.

  5. What a wonderful story!!!

    I hope to have the same feelings someday


  6. Oh what an amazing and precious post and blog! Love your inspiring words and just your strength within!