Tuesday, January 19, 2010


finally feel like i have let go of the
fog that was keeping me blurred last week
my thoughts started to clear and refocus themselves
i can't be grateful enough for the clarity
today was wonderfully gray
the skies have been full of rain and have just started letting it go for us
i can't think of a better time to wash the last week away
throughout my day of errands and housework...
i did a lot of thinking
thinking about what would make me feel better
after last weeks frustrations...
a little reevaluation was self prescribed
i decided that i would start to use my hands for more than
folding the laundry and washing dishes
i have decided to use them to do service
for others
i began calling shelters
learning where and how i could be of help
the need is overwhelming
i have decided that my mind wasn't just for bad television and
mindless matters anymore
i picked up all 817 pages of anna karenina and started reading again
my reading list for 2010 is a little intimidating
i have decided to use my time better
focusing and simplifying
it's a change for me and one that is not easy

i have also decided to let the little things go
oh how i wish this was easy for me to do
i'm the master at holding on and never letting go
it's exhausting i tell you what
i'm ready to pack that nuance away

i'm off now to close the day
ready myself for tomorrow
do a little reading
happy to report that i only have 586 pages left of
anna karenina

Today I am grateful for: mr c...he is very responsible for my happiness...


  1. the pics of the flowers are so cool!

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  3. Something wonderful about the rain...I need to let go of a lot of things, I am working on that, and I think I need to let them wash away with the rain, they do me NO good...hope you are better and good for your for using your hands to help others!

  4. I totally know where you're coming from with the last couple posts. I've had more than my fair share of "misunderstandings" and "miscommunications" with an in-law. Everything is finally cleared up (7 long years later). It's nice to have it all washed away. Hope you're feeling better!

    BTW-I read almost all of that book (when Oprah selected it as her bookclub book) and I was very preggers w/ my youngest. I have a small handful of chapters left & didn't finish it when Anson was born cuz I was a little busy. LOL I keep thinking about picking it back up to finish it. It's a really good book!