Wednesday, January 6, 2010

boredom turned around

The day was in a word....productive. Glad to be back on schedule with the kids in school and mr c back to work.

Truth be day was a little mundane as well. My darling called me shortly after 10 this morning to check in. My report to his question of what are you doing was..."I'm just cleaning out the pantry and organizing my cookbooks." I immediately confronted the boredom in my day. Head on.

When Mr C called back around noon to see what I was up to...I told him I was photographing the turtles. Yep. Taking pictures of the turtles. Officially bored. Then I proceeded to whine like a 6 year old to my beloved about how I don't feel like my days are full of exciting stuff anymore. I haven't met the girls for coffee in over a month...I am avoiding shopping to stay on my new(ly highly protested) budget...he hasn't had much free time in his day to meet me for lunch and the list goes on about what I have unconsciously omitted out of my days.

I have become a boring housewife.

Note to self: I may be a boring housewife...but I value the work I do in my home. Running a smooth home with clean and healthy children and husband get big props from me. If I get dinner then dessert on the table by 6...I liken myself to Martha. This is not an easy gig.

So...after my phone call (and followed by my turtle photo shoot) I told myself in the most demanding inner voice kind of way that no matter what cleaning sensation I was in the middle of...I would leave the house by 1pm.

1pm...out the door and headed down to Stapely for some shirt shopping for Mikey. When did my 12 year become so conscious of his wardrobe? I love it. He felt the frustrations of women all around the world this morning when dressing for school. Couldn't find the proper shirt to match his black (I haven't told him they are officially boys' skinny) jeans. He asked in a very pleasing way to me to find some new shirts for him.

Thanks for giving me a mission other than laundry and pantry organizing Mikey. Means a lot.

Heading toward Stapley and Baseline...I passed by Anthropologie. Current budget told me not to even stop and look around. I didn't listen to that voice last week and as a result...I left the shop with a set of powder blue latte bowls. Why did I put myself on super tight budget again? Oh yeah. Have tossed around the idea with mr c about a new home in the future. Probably should go into that with substantial savings in tact. This however did not stop me from fantasising about the large farm table with the chippy paint lying under piles and piles of latte bowls. Maybe I should get the white ones next time.

So...made it to shopping center and picked up a few shirts for the boy. Even scored a pair of plaids for summer for him for 7 bones. Bargaining skills are becoming like super powers. I have been using them everywhere.

Rushed back to my side of Baseline Road just in time to pick up the littles from school.

Day really perked up when we made an impromptu run through Sonic for a cherry limeade. Be still my beating heart. Hand to heart...I asked mr c to get me one the other night at 10pm. He delivered one without me begging. I got me a keeper.

All had a good day. Landon and I put down 2 more chapters of James and the Giant Peach, spaghetti was a hit at dinner and 2 out of the 3 are already in bed. Now, while Mr C is at softball, my plans are to grab my new read (Anna Karenina) and then steam in the shower.

Oh how I miss having a bathtub.

Today I am grateful for: Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Wonder if I can get it in an IV Drip?

{foot of shelby,our turtle}

she did not give me much to work with


  1. hey Rebecca..

    If you were to call the company and refer to the tree as the "Nordstrom tree", then they would know exactly what you were talking about. As far as looking for it online I don't even know if it is there or what it would be called.

    Yes they were very easy to deal with & I want to say that it wasn't the cheapest tree on the block but very reasonable @ the same time. I think I paid somewhere in the upper $200 range.

    How are you?

    xo - Christina

  2. great shot... really neat!

    and oh my mama... how we miss sonic! there are NONE in our town! ugh! :)