Wednesday, January 6, 2010

here goes

This blog is headed in a new direction.

For some time now, I have been frustrated with blogging. Finding new things to blog about...worrying about getting too personal or not being TRUE to myself in my writing...I was always left feeling...sorta....unsatisfied. Yes. Very unsatisfied.

I am tired of trying to discover my blog style. Am I an informational blog? An inspirational to others kinda blog? Do I want to feature more decor and style?

Nope. Not me.

I have decided to stay True to what my writing style has always been. Journaling. Straight up journaling about everyday, all day, mundane or interesting to me kinda day. I have always enjoyed recording the daily. Thoughts. Feelings. Emotions. Hardships. Celebrations. Life.

I have let the worry go out the window about who is going to be reading my thoughts. I am no longer worried about who or how many will be following. This blogging has to come back to me and be for me.

So...this blog is going to develop itself into my online journal and fill itself with content from my head. Content from my days. Content from my life. Because what is in my head is important to me even if not to you.

I feel that I can breathe this in and truly take hold of it.

I am relieved in my confession.

I am satisfied in my decision. goes.


  1. you go girl!! you do what is right for you...I applaud you for taking a stand and using your blog for you, afterall blogging should be fun, right? kuddos!

  2. i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm so excited for you
    i know what it feels like to sorta drift away from why you blog what you blog and then sorta try to find your way back.
    i've been there too
    i think being true to you
    not trying to be what everybody is trying to do
    is always the way go

  3. and that's the way it should be...
    I blog as a journal too. It might include a recipe, or some decorating....or something about one of my kids. But it's my online journal. I'm getting ready to get mine printed up and will stay on top of that. I'll get each year printed and it will be for my kids and grand children.
    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Hi Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to browse my blog yesterday! Is it a coincidence that my name is Rebecca and I too, have two boys and a girl, and I am a Leo?!??! I think not... Love your blog and look forward to following it. Rebecca (