Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i am anxious to begin on one of my 2010 resolutions...
cooking more and stepping outside of
my usual dishes and really
experimenting in the kitchen...
this week....i will begin pouring through these books in hopes to find
some new and fabulous recipes to try on my crew

barefoot contessa and martha cookbooks are of my favorites
just looking through the photos is enough
to make me feel as if i have gotten my moneys worth...
has anyone tried the pioneer womans cookbook?...
i think i might make an amazon order and try her out too..
been hearing good things about her recipes

hApPy weDneSday...
i'll be spending the rest of my day looking
through these beauties
making grocery lists
i know...
g l a m o r o u s!


  1. Girlfriend, you must toss At Home with Jamie Oliver - I love looking through it and it inspires me to get back to basics and know where my food comes from. There are also a LOT of pretty pictures... :)

  2. Pioneer's woman's cookbook is is her website. Every single thing that i have fixed from her comes out awesome! Not the most healthy, ummm can we say butter....but so great!