Monday, January 18, 2010

last week

last week was tough
everyday led me to frustration
frustration that stayed and showed no signs of leaving
the thoughts in my mind were heavy
my heart felt challenged
i spent a lot of time in thought
a lot of time in tears
i felt like so many threads were being pulled at the same darn time.
i was challenged by an ex-spouse
misunderstood by a sister
too wrapped up in my issues to realize I had distanced myself
from Mr C
i was not patient with my children
my challenges rolled on over to my little family
that made me feel horrible
in order to make up to my 3 little chicks
we headed to the park
they forgave me instantly
i forgave myself too

i sat with my toes warm in the sand
listening to my kids
reading my book
clearing my head

morgan ran wild with her long wavy hair

landon climbed everything in sight
mikey put himself in the middle of his own adventure

it was good for my little spirit to let go and forget all
that was bothering me

that is always hard for me to do

it's hard to stay focused on the not so great when
i hear my little wonders laughing and screaming
the park was my medicine
being outside away from the norm...
and then today
just seeing landon
trying to grab the flag that
the boy scouts placed in our front yard
for civil rights day
was enough to keep
me in the same frame of mind

i spent a whole week being down
i dont like that i wasted that much time
on things out of my control right now
time for a fresh new week
without frustrations
without tears
time to let go of things that i cannot control
just typing that makes me feel lighter

Today I am grateful for: Laughing. Plain and simple. Laughing until my sides hurt.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better. There's nothing worse than being down :) xx