Monday, January 4, 2010


m o n d a y
m o n d a y...
it was an early morning...
i knew it would be
first day back to school for the littles...
first early morning in two weeks
sleeping in is one of my favorite perks about a holiday break
i was not ready for the alarm to start singing at 6am this morning...
not ready at all
thank goodness i had a big mug full of coffee to get me started

i shuffled the littles off to school and headed back home to put the denali in park and
get the house in order
i came home to this
a mess
counter tops covered in stuff
s t u f f

i spent the lot of my day in the house/garage cleaning and organizing and
in the laundry room washing and folding...
i rearranged furniture and cleaned closets out...
felt a spring cleaning urge that i could not resist...
before i knew it...
it was time to pick up the kids from school!
when were all home...
it was time for a snack and then some homework
with LanDoN

he LoVes homework and starts it pretty much
when he gets home from school
today he had some math to finish
i love this little guys hands

after math was completed and put away...

landon and i chose the book that we are going to read together this month...

james and the giant peach

i love this story

mikey and i read it together a few years ago...

he loved it so much and then loved it even more when we watched the movie together


i walked in our bedroom just in time to catch some afternoon light creeping in from the window

after my photoshoot with the light...
i was hoping to sneak in a little power nap but the kids wanted to go outside and play...
we went outside and put them to work!
we had a yard full of leaves
l E a V e S!!
morgan and landon insisted on using the shop vac to clean all of the leaves in our front yard...
it works and is more fun than using a rake

l e a v e s

e v e r y w h e r e

after the kids vacuumed the leaves...
we headed out for a short family walk
{oops! no photos}
when we got home...
it was decided!
bReaKfaSt fOr dInNer
our favorite
while i was in the kitchen whipping up eggs and making waffles...
mr c and the kids were in the family room playing memory
{insert reason #12,947 why I love mr c}

it was a very loud and intense game of memory
lots of screaming and laughing

the game ended with a tie between mr c and mikey

after dinner...
morgan asked me to braid her hair
she loves for it to be wavy for school...
i was busy doing dishes and kitchen clean up
{still waiting on a maid}
so mr c offered his braiding skills to morgan

he looked a bit frustrated at first...
but i tell you what...
he braided her hair
i was impressed!

now it's time for bed
the little chickens are asleep
mr c is watching some late night football
a n d...
i'm blogging
while the dog is snoring!!
monday was great!
here's hoping tuesday gives it a run for the money
***time to go make the coffee***
6am comes early round here.


  1. James and the Giant Peach was one of my son's favorite books for me to read to him. He's all grown now....but that book is one we kept!

  2. hey sweet girl!
    i am sooooooooooo behind in dropping in on blogs, please forgive me!
    just got caught up with you.
    love all your fabulous photography too my dear!!

    have a wonderful happy new year