Saturday, January 2, 2010


this for my mother...
it is chalk full of photos of the kids...
apparently...i have not posted enough recent photos of her grand babies...
yesterday...we had a picnic at the park
the weather was perfect
mr c came home from work really early...
early enough to join us!

we ate cupcakes smothered in icing...
the boys played football
while the girls watched and tinkered around
with their new camera

we rode on the park's train

this one was completely content being out with her family

some of us went back for more cupcakes

we enjoyed croissant sandwiches
notice our short sleeve shirts in january!
it was so warm out

one of us fussed about eating sandwiches and wanted to head straight for the cupcakes
l a n d o n

mom...i told you mikey was getting big...
he is almost as tall as me now!

m i k e y
l a n d o n

m o r g a n

after lunch...we fed the ducks...
landon felt bad for the duckies who did not get any of the bread
i love his sensitivity

and we smiled in the sun

it was a great start to the new year...
lots of family time
and lots of photos for grandma to see her grandchildren in az!
we miss you

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