Thursday, February 11, 2010

turning 10

i don't know exactly how it happened...
but this girl turned 10.
i find myself thinking about morgan turning 10 over and over.
this year...we have adopted simplicity
it is woven into everything that we do anymore...
it is to say the least...refreshing...
so when morgan was put in charge of planning her birthday party...
she kept it simple
{thank goodness}
a slumber party with 5 girlfriends
a craft table
scavenger hunt
pizza and movies
all of her favorite things

t h i s g i r l m a k e s m e s m i l e

we started to work on the craft table about a week before the party
we pulled out a lot of supplies that we already had
i spent a few hours with my new heart punch and produced a few hundred hearts

we had little tart tins full of little numbers and letters,
clothespins, numbered cards, ribbons, papers, glitter...

you name it...we had it
i wanted the girls girls to be able to sit down at the table and just create
whatever came to them

w e m a d e p a p e r l o l l i e s ....

p a p e r f l o w e r p o m s ...

l i t t l e p r i n t e d n o t e s t o a t t a c h t o w h a t e v e r

as the week went on...we kept adding and adding...
a few trips to the scrapbook store down the street to pick up a few must haves
was really all that we had to purchase for the table

decorations were kept simple as well...
we brought out the happy birthday banner that we made last year
crepe paper strands and ribbons everywhere
i love that most everything was handmade
reminds me of being younger when my mother would put together
a fabulous birthday party using home supplies and her imagination

that's me...the party planner

so the girls arrived...all giggly and excited!
they headed to the craft table right after they walked through the door...

it was fun to listen to them chat about their lives while they created and constructed

i love morgan's chippy nail polish in this photo

i am so grateful that morgan has such a good group of girlfriends to surround her
these girls are the cutest

they spent so much time gluing and sticking and cutting...
i checked in on them from time to time and really...they were so busy and content
c r e a t i n g

we took a break from crafting and headed outside for a scavenger hunt
but first...they had to strike a pose
10 year olds!

after the scavenger hunt...we had a pizza and junk food fest...
i cannot believe how much these little monkeys can eat!
they did not stop

morgan opened gifts and then the girls spent some time together being silly
after an intense game of hide and go seek in the dark...the girlies donned their jammies and
we set up camp in the family room
these girls fooled me and mr c....
we thought that they had all fallen asleep at 11:30pm..
mr c woke me up at 2:30 in the morning and told me that the girls were at the craft table making things...i learned when i woke up saturday morning that these night owls stayed up until 4:30 hanging out at the craft table...
then they woke up at 7 and looked fresh as daisies....
that is more than i can say for the family pup, mandy...clearly...she was pooped!


  1. I just love Morgan, im glad she had such a great birthday! Um.. she is gorgeous in those pics!!!
    HAPPY Birthday Morgantita!

  2. looks like they had a lot of fun...