Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wednesday was good

our home functions on routine. i need routine in my life. i am a very scheduled and regimented kind of gal. mr c is the complete opposite of this. that's why we are so good together. that and we make a pretty foxy pair when standing together.
today mr c started his new promotion at work and as a result of that promotion, he has a new schedule. this means constructing a new routine for me. we had the morning together alone so instead of the usual housework and errand running, we opted for bike rides and scrabble.
a girl could get used to bike rides and scrabble in the long as they are preceded by a trip through the starbucks drive-thru....some parts of the routine just shouldn't be changed.


  1. i'm glad wednesday was good! i love the rides sound so great right now..too bad its still cold in idaho! and my meat eating experience was a spur of the moment kind of thing, it was pretty good. i think all of my friends were more excited than me, ha! & oh man do i miss starbucks :)

  2. for some reason, may have to do with no coffee yet, when i first saw bikerides & scrabble my mind saw bubblebaths...wierd , i know
    but i thought, YOU go GIRL!
    but actually bikerides & scrabble takes more energy so YOU go GIRL!

  3. Such a great blog....So timeless and loving in all ways...peacefully yet active....soothing i.e. comfortable....reading about you loving your family.....blessed. These words come through to me upon reading part of your 'world.' So happy for you all....thanks for the site...
    Hugs, Happiness, and Peace to my neice, nephews, and you....oh Mr. C as well- :=-)

    Hugs.... S

  4. Oops Great Play list as well.....