Wednesday, May 19, 2010

do you know what this is...

this is my bikini

this is the reason...the only reason why i am eating brown rice and asparagus for dinner tonight
and every night to come
and why i will not have a piece of chocolate cake for dessert
this is my motivation for the summer that is just about here in phoenix
do you live here too?
so then you know?
if you don't...
then know this...
we will live in bathing suits and itty bitty sun dresses for the next 5 months
my first pool hours will be logged this saturday and...
i said it....
not ready....
i am not one who works out in the gym
i don't mind running if i can find the motivation
but so far, motivation has yet to be seen around these parts
that is until today...
when i dug through the dresser drawer to find the above
and when i pulled it out
and hung it on the bathroom door
motivation came knocking pretty loud...
k n o c k
k n o c k
so here we go...
time to get it back into a bikini
are you ready?
do you worry about this too...
and one more thing...
am i too old for a bikini?
35 this summer
what do you think?


  1. Ugh. Please don't remind me. About the heat OR the bathing suits. And 35 is absolutely not too old!


  2. Never too old for a bikini! Believe it or not, I wore one up to age 50!I figured if my kids would walk down the beach with me while wearing it, then it was ok. but now, 4 years later, no more bikini's!

  3. Yes. I know.
    My full length scuba suit is hanging on my door now.
    With the matching swim skirt.
    And bathing cap.
    And full length terry cover up.
    And blind folds that I hand out to anyone swimming around me.

  4. YOU are definitely not too old...
    YOU are gorgeous.
    I am now 3-7...
    and I will wear one however it is with a pair of cute board shorts over top.
    Because no one really wants to see whats right below my belly button and the result of two kiddos. But you know, above the belly button isn't half-bad.