Tuesday, May 18, 2010

come home....please

.....i wont ask for anything more if you do.

my darling mr c...you have been gone since sunday and i am ready for you to return home. i know you need to visit our children that live near the ocean, but i am selfish and want you all to myself. i don't sleep well when you are gone and i don't laugh nearly as much as i do when you're home.

yesterday, sometime around 4pm, i begged the children for 10 minutes of peace so i could lay down. the day had caught up with me and left me feeling spent. it was exactly 3 minutes before landon was knocking on the bedroom door looking for my consent for him to start a bath and shortly after that, morgan wanted to bring the cat in to 'nap' with me and i use the term 'nap' loosely. after about 5 minutes, i was back in the kitchen where the children were watching avatar for the 8th time in 3 days. we could have used that dvd as a babysitter and saved ourselves the fifty dollar babysitters fee when we joined our dinner club on saturday. keep that in mind for next months dinner, will you?

dinner was easy, it had to be...i was producing off of a 5 minute nap, remember? the 3 opted for hot dogs (bleh) and fruit. no, mikey did not have the fruit. i made green beans and brown rice for myself and chased that healthy meal with a mini bag of m&m's. okay. 2 mini bags of m&m's. that is the last time we buy the economy sized bag of mini chocolates from costco. it's almost swimsuit season for bikini's sake.

i am still questioning letting the children watch the sixth sense last night. although i believe m. night shayamalan is a genius...his movies are a little unnerving. how does he think of these stories? the kids kept reassuring me that they could handle such a movie so i let them watch. i thought i might have made a mistake in letting them watch when i had to later accompany landon to the bathroom...i observed him checking both the tub and linen closet for 'dead people'. no nightmares were reported this morning so i think maybe we are in the clear.

the kids were all dropped off to school this morning without delay. i even managed to get my starbucks before i took mikey to poston. only 8 more days of school. i am ready for lazy summer days that all begin with sleeping in. that reminds me, will you move the alarm clock to your side of the bed?

i am anxious for your return tomorrow. i haven't laughed in two days. strike that...i did laugh a little while watching the big bang theory last night. sheldon's dialogue kills me. but laughing with you is much more fun. bazinga!

so i'm off to tackle the linen and craft closets. and maybe sneak in a nap before the children get picked up from school. i have promised them a trip to yogurtland later today. it's right next to the nordstrom that i have to make a return to. and i woke up craving the vanilla and chocolate masterpiece covered with coconut and peanut bits that i made there on saturday. sounds good, doesn't it?

i'll call you later today. but i'll send you a sexy text before then.

love you more and most,


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  1. this is so sweet...
    am I the only wife that loves when her husband goes away??
    well..I will admit, the last trip my hubby took did make my heart grow fonder...and I missed him
    but I do enjoy NOT cooking "grown up" food...
    or cleaning
    or hearing his snoring...

    but we are lucky, that they eventually do come home
    back to us

    how did that sexy text turn out???