Tuesday, May 11, 2010

please don't tell him i posted this...

.....a photo of my better half's...better half!

mr c is a fox and he just can't help it...why would he want to anyway?

...i remember the days when we were just starting to date. mr c would give me the text saying that he was on his way over, most often it would be late at night after my children had fallen asleep...dating as a single mom is tricky stuff. i would spend a good hour showering, recurling my hair, touching up make up and making sure the legs were smooth (at least from the knee down). i always greeted that man at the door with a kiss that would make him weak in the knees every time. i wore cute pajama shorts with a little tank top and sometimes i surprised him in a nighty...BOY HAVE THINGS CHANGED!!!

...i am sitting here in my old navy polka dot pajama bottoms and black tank top with my hair tied back in a side pony waiting for him to come home from work. i probably smell a bit like garlic since i chopped exactly 4 cloves of it for tonight's risotto with asparagus. i haven't touched up my make up since about 1 this afternoon and because landon and morgan each took the longest and hottest baths in history, i probably will not shower because the water wont be hot enough for me. that means prickly legs and mr c hates prickly legs (sorry, darling). i am not sure if i will even get up and remove myself from the computer to greet him properly at the door and welcome him home...that has yet to be decided.

...there is something to be said about being comfortable and real in your relationship, no?

...on second thought...i think i'm going to run a brush through my hair and at least run some fruity chapstick over my lips...that should do the trick!

see babe...i still got it.


  1. i love it!
    what a cute post
    & fruity lipglass should most definately do the trick xo

  2. Does he know you snapped a picture of his kiester?

  3. too cute...or shall i say HOT?!