Monday, May 10, 2010

monday, monday

somewhere between the hours of 9 and 10 am this morning...i lost my moxie verve was gone...
i awoke early this morning with to do lists longer than both of my arms linked together...
i have checked exactly two items from my list:
dropped the children off to school and
ran through starbucks for my white mocha...check and check
everything else has been temporarily put on hold until further notice
i lost all determination to tackle the
childrens rooms
i have spent the lot of my day:
chatting on the phone
surfing the interweb
forgetting about the diet i started today and remembering it half way through the slice of white cake that i was eating...i didnt even slice the cake actually...just forked it off the tray...
playing with my iphone
walking past the laundry only looking at it long enough to make a face and swear at it
i have googled backyard chickens and sunless tanners
spoken to my sister 3 times
about nothing
and twirled my hair into a mess
it is now time to take the rest of my monday back
i will pick my children up from school
fail at talking myself out of another run through starbucks
and tackle the 3 point list that i forced myself to scribble down moments ago:
1. finish all the {damn} laundry
2. prepare the mr.'s shirt for work tomorrow while questioning how i got signed up to iron them in the first place...i loathe ironing
3. organize my desk caddy so that bills get sent out on time this month!
go get 'em can do it.
after starbucks lights you up first...


  1. I have sooo many days like this. Too many, in fact. They drive me crazy, as I am a cross em' off the list kind of gal.
    But I have also learned that these days make no difference...there is always tomorrow to tackle the to do list.

    Enjoy the coffee...I will take a grande vanilla skinny latte, please...

  2. you might get your moxie back when you get the book in the mail.
    there might even be a recipe for some sort of coffee shooter in there.
    i think i'll have a glass of wine with my vicodin tonight.

  3. I think it is a family trait, ie. curse..... i have been able to cut out 1 apron of 5 .. with a deadline fast approching... i have taken 4 minutes to cut.. now.. on to blogging..
    Good for you getting the coffee.. and talking to me about nothing, 3 times... im sure ill call you later!

  4. How can you be old enough to have three children? You look adorable! I am sixty snd and made my husband vow that I would never have to iron a shirt (we say it was part of our wedding vows ;-) it wasn't but I hate ironing so much.

    My daughter and I just recently started a blog and I am loving being part of blogland.I am anxious to look at the rest of your blog. They are better reading than can see how I spend my days!!!

    Come and visit us...

    Suz (and Kat...thus Katsui!)
    (come and visit us sometime...we are really not all about our jewelry!!!)

  5. Maybe the moxie will reappear when you wake up tomorrow? It was a good day to relax and enjoy yourself, I think - an almost-perfect temperature!

  6. Rebecca,
    It is true! You look so young and chic! I had no idea you lived in Mesa, too. Now I have seen it on you profile. I am excited to have another contact there!

  7. Just sent you a note Rebecca...loved this post. You are a woman who can procrastinate with style! I like that !!!