Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i would like to thank my daughter, morgan, for taking this photo of me and chopping off my upper half...despite the rockin curls sitting atop my head...

3:34 am is when i awoke today
i did not fall back to sleep despite the effort and 2 hours that i invested without return
i am exhausted, to say the least
i feel spent already and it is just 9:03 am
i promised the kids the pool today...
and they are already in bathing gear
damn! don't think i'm getting out of that one
i hope i don't fall asleep in the sun because there is an 'ozone warning' today...
we get those a lot in phoenix...
and i don't want to burn my skin... that is no bueno and my mother lectured me on the effects of skin damage yesterday...
i felt like i was 12
i have 2 days until 3 of mr c's children come to stay with us for a month
that's 6 kids for me while he is away at work
i'm tired just thinking about it
we will have fun
{and i will have 2 built in babysitters!!!}
while unable to sleep this morning,
my thoughts wandered from my dad, to my mom, to my grocery list, to mr c, to our beach trip, to seeing eclipse with morgan tomorrow, to donuts, and then to my coffee...sometimes i feel like my mind never stops...just thoughts all of the time...
then i got up...readied myself...drove to dunkin donuts on mckellips and power and then to my starbucks...
off to the pool now...then home for a nap.


  1. Have fun at the pool...get some light sun for me! xo

  2. I hope you enjoy your day at the pool and I wish you luck with all 6 kids for the month :)

  3. You look so tan in that picture.. I know that our tanning efforts have paid off! NICE! Thanks for coming today even though you were so sleepy!

  4. nice gams!
    enjoy your pool and your nap.

  5. lmao Rebecca finally found out how to post on blogs hehehe so watchout here I am xoxoxoxo love ya Chommy