Friday, June 25, 2010

catching up...

finally some time to play catch up on my blog
right now the children are being somewhat quiet and have been banned from my bedroom
where the computer is...
they are not at all happy about this, but sometimes a girl needs some space.
summer has been swinging in full gear and the triple digit temps are here to prove it...
i think it topped out at 113 yesterday
while it was scorching hot outside...we took the kids inside to do some of this...

a little family bowling day
i not only brought my own shoes...but i brought a pretty decent bowling game with me...
i left quite proud of my 138 score
those are my blue bowling shoes c hates them and thinks that they categorize me into some sort of nerd club for having my own shoes...but i am not sticking my feet into shoes that who knows how many people have worn...socks or not!

lets see...what else have we been up to:
we spend many days in the week at the pool...

this pool has been our saving grace...i don't know how i managed to buy one of the only homes in phoenix without one...

sister and i meet here and let the kids run free while we sit poolside sunning our bodies and sipping on homemade strawberry lemonades...
the days are just exhausting i tell you...
just exhausting

this is the reason why all of the ladies were sucking in their tummies the other day at the included.
hello mr sunbather

i feel like summer is going by too fast so the kids and i sat down and made a big list of everything we wanted to do before they go back to school in august.
some of the ideas are fun and easy like water fights and family flag football and then some are a little a trip to the beach and a weekend stay at a local resort
{those might have actually been my ideas and not the kids}
in any case...i'm not ready for summer to move on so fast

we have also been to 5 movies
taken the kids out for chinese and to a sushi bar
we have shopped
we have had play dates with friends and sleepovers with family
i have somehow gotten hooked on all of this twilight business after i protested it for so long
{team edward}

i have organized 2 pantrys and kitchen drawers
cleaned out my closet
had 2 really great dates with mr c
celebrated my nephews 10th birthday

we have watched mr c play softball every sunday night
we have bbq'ed and eaten corn on the cob from local farms
the tooth fairy has visited our home twice already

it really has been so nice so far...
looking forward to next month when i turn 35 and we head to the beach...
i love celebrating my birthday...
and were doing it at the beach again this year.
we will also have mr c kids here with us for the month...

if i could just teach my kids the value of sleeping in during summer and not fighting every other minute then we might be very close to perfect around here.


  1. I like your blue bowling shoes, i dont blame you, this coming from a girl who wont even use a public bathroom because of germs! Amen sister.. wear those shoes with pride! (the others probably have foot fungus now!)

  2. It sounds like your having so much fun!

    We've started to make a summer list for my brother and sister when their holiday begins (Mid July)...looking forward to it.

    You made me giggle with that picture of mr sunbather...SO FUNNY!! I would of done the same though : )

    Gemma X

  3. Just drove through Arizona...damn! It is hot!!!