Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hello summer...

...i'm so glad you're here
{peonies arrangement from dinner with friends}
summer is here and i am so in love with it
i love that my schedule has been officially thrown out of the window...
it's gone...
it's been busy so far:
saturday was spent poolside and i came home with the sunburn to prove it
sunday night we hosted dinner with friends and a few of them stayed until 1 am
i have not had friends over that late in a long time
last night... sister came over for grilled shrimp tacos and scrabble
i have slept in two mornings in a row...unitl 9:30...
and then today...i snuck out of the quiet house early and headed to starbucks...
when i came back home...i jumped back into bed to canoodle and watch movies with mr c
after mr c headed off to work...the kids and i sat and watched alice in wonderland for the first
time...i loved it...every minute of it, and will probably watch it again tonight...
and now...i am ignoring the arguing going on in the family room...and the laundry piled high in
the laundry room...
kick your shoes off summer and stay awhile...would ya'?


  1. i just spent a boat load on popsicles at the market.
    it's been really hot!

  2. I have the same flowers..trader joes?

    your coffee and movie in bed morning sounds really good
    and I want to hang out with you...the shrimp sounds good...and the scrabble...lovely summer night...

    we are almost there..few more days left of school...
    but then it is me with four kids home alone packing...
    God help me
    if you lived closer I would make you bring me a Starbucks every morning until we moved

    driving through your state...maybe I will drop off a coffee for you!

  3. sounds like my kinda thing! movies in bed

    love the peonies

  4. I love peonies! It sounds like you've had a great couple of days...especially starbucks coffee in bed lol!

    Gemma @ Musings of a Gem



  5. this sounds soooo lovely...and i could use a bit of lovely at the moment.
    thank you for your recent super sweet comment...the affection is mutual;)