Thursday, June 10, 2010

my heart is somewhere on the beach...

.....and it's probably somewhere right between these two.

Right about this time during the summer is typically when I start to crave the beach. I mean...I literally crave the beach. I need for my toes to dig deep into the sand while my body faces skyward taking in the sounds and the smells of the ocean. I love to hear the children fight over the roars of the waves. I crave to feel warm and cool at the same time. I need to be at the beach in San Diego.
We hit 109 degrees the other day. That's just too hot. It's hard to be comfortable in that kind of dry heat so we are either in the pool or in the house. And bad's only going to get hotter. Does anyone want to visit Arizona? I will trade you homes for the summer...or for maybe just a month...a week...anyone?
I already began my campaign to get this summer's beach trip scheduled and on the books. Am still waiting for Mr C to give the okay as to when we can trade this desert for ocean. I also told him that if I did not get a timely reply...I would be heading over there without him. He did not like that text so much so I had to follow it with something sexy. I will not tell you what that one included...but it was sexy. Yes it was.
I have even began my 'beach diet' because that whole look good in a bikini thing is really catching on. I even cut my white mocha intake to just two a day now...calories, calories. My summer tan is already in full legs look like cinnamon sticks...who says the sun isn't good for you? I am under the belief that everyone looks better when tan.
So...while I wait for Mr C to approve this summer's trip...I'm going to go look through photos from last year. I'm even going to print a few of me in my bikini and put them in places for him to under his pillow and on the seat of his car...maybe one in the shower...just as a reminder for how much fun the beach is. Maybe that'll get me to the beach a little sooner.
wink, wink


  1. Make sure you let your sissy know, so i may hide in your suit case... there will be room.. a bikini only takes up so much space!

  2. I am counting down the days until we are at the beach for an entire week which is not until August!!! Nothing like wishing summer away just for that one week of bliss :)

  3. you can join me and my fam this summer when we head to the beach.....

  4. atta girl, great plan!!!
    you know i'm with ya on the beach love.

  5. Good plan..i'm sure he'll latch on!

    Gemma @

  6. I hope you get your beach vacation dream!!!

  7. if I put a picture of myself in a bikini anywhere, the only place it might get me is the GYM!!!