Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rain induced Procrastination

It's hard to believe that just a few days ago we were outside basking in the sun with red cheeks and flip flops and then today......

......it looks like this outside. It's gray, dark and gloomy out and I want to do nothing more than sit inside blog surfing and sipping on my coffee. Unfortunately, I have laundry piled high, childrens rooms that need to be {for lack of a better word} gutted and a list of housework that I really don't want to confront right now. Why is it that rainy days feel like a pass for procrastination? However, if this is the greatest of my concerns today...then I have much to be grateful for.

My most important errand today, {according to Landon} is to run out and get the Toy Story 2 dvd that is being re-released today. I could not find the one we already own and promised to have the new one ready with a bowl full of Orville Redenbacher's finest when he returned home from school.

I'm sure that if I at least get that errand checked off the list.....the kids will not care if they have clean rooms or fresh laundry.

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