Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happenings...From a Very Busy Week

I am sitting here on a beautiful Sunday afternoon while my house smells of strawberry patch candles and breezy spring air. I simply cannot get enough of this time of year.

This post should probably come with a WARNING sign because there are so many photos. It was a very busy week back from a very mellow spring break and I am really putting forth efforts to document all of this life that is happening. Aside from that, the kids have a Grandma in Nevada and an Aunt in Wisconsin who are in need of some updated photos of them...they just wont stop with the growing.

So here goes:

For the past few weeks, Mr C has been playing flag football with a team of guys that he put together. Wednesday nights might be what I look most forward to in the week! It is so much fun to watch these men play.

I might have mentioned before that Mr C's great love is football. He played it, coached it and watches it religiously during the season. It is for that reason that I have more football knowledge today than half of the men I know. When he told me that he put a team together and would be playing, I was really excited for him. Sister and her boys come to the games to watch too and we have the best time.

Mr C stretching. He has to do a lot of this...he just hit 40 this past November. Before we even get to the field, he takes 4 Ibuprofen, applies and ICY HOT patch to his bad shoulder and wraps it in an ACE bandage. When we get home...he spends a little time with the heating pad and ice packs...but let's not tell him that I let anyone in on that.

Mr C is the one holding 2 footballs and teaching Chad's son, Alex how to throw. He has also spent lots of time teaching me to properly throw the "pill." I can even run patterns and distinguish the difference between a fly, flag and post pattern. How 'bout that?
Wednesdays game was a little tough. We played a team of firefighters. Firefighters are required to be in shape. Very good physical shape. I'm just going to post that we did not win because we played against fellas like these:

They were huge. They were fast.
This is what my children do when they are bored at half time. They run around in backward sweaters and act like crazies. They are completely spent by the time we arrive home.

Excuse the blur here, folks. Trying to capture photo of the men in flags. Mr C is the one holding the ball...he is the team Quarterback.

After Wednesdays game...we headed home to catch up on American Idol and an put the children to bed early. Thursday would be another busy day. After school...Morgan had her end of the year choir concert. It was something we were all looking forward to {mostly because that meant the end of choir practice at 7:25 in the morning}.
Here is proof that I was there with Mr C.

And now I present to you the Entz chorus...4th, 5th and 6th grade. That is Morgan right in the middle. I would say, "the one with the flower in her hair", but it seems that all of the girls got together and wore their biggest flowers in their hair for the concert!

There was a really cute number in the middle of the concert where the children "sang" half the song using kazoos. I am relieved that I do not have to hear her practice this song at home any longer. The sound of a kazoo can only be tolerated for so long!

I have to post a picture of the Blue Ribbon Award that our school received this year. We were one of 4 elementary schools {I believe in the country} to be honored with this award. We have a fantastic school principal and staff of teachers that make our school amazing...not to mention the hard work of the student body. Okay...enough bragging.

Back to the concert. I moved out of the parent seating to shoot some better photos and when I looked over at Mr C, this is how I found him. The choir was singing the theme song to Spongebob Squarepants and Mr C was singing right along. He was trying to talk Landon into singing with him.

This is what 2 very naughty boys were doing the entire length of the concert.

Good golly this post is long!
Moving onto Friday evening. Our school carnival. One of the most fun events put on by out PTO. It is one big effort to raise money for our PTO and also helps teachers to buy supplies for their classrooms next fall.
Morgan instantly found her besties. I love these girls.

All kinds of bounce houses and rock climbing walls and games are set up around the field for the kids to enjoy. Morgan found herself on the below bungee bouncer.

Hysterical to watch her run with all of her might and then be slung back like a rubber band.

This is my favorite part! The raffle baskets. Each grade puts together a basket with a theme using money donated from the parents. Every ticket that is put into that baskets can is worth $1. After the carnival, the tickets are added up and then the proceeds are divided among that grades teachers to help them buy supplies for their classrooms. I love this idea...and years ago we actually won one of the baskets so we know how much fun it is to win.
Landon really wanted to win the electric scooter this year.

And Morgan really really wanted to win this:

...she put all of her raffle tickets into winning the bunny. When names were called later in the evening, I looked over at her and saw her holding her owl necklace up to her lips wishing out loud that her name would be called. It wasn't......but her best friends was. So now, Morgan can visit the bunny when she goes to Jayden' house and Morgan's mom likes that a lot better! Although, I'm fairly certain that Mr C is having the same thoughts on the baby chickens that I was trying to win for myself.
I'm looking forward to a very quiet and lazy rest of the day...readying the family for the week to come which includes for me, a list of spring cleaning chores to tackle. ♥

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week with all of your wonders!! And that bunny so sweet!! :)