Tuesday, March 30, 2010

just please slow down....

Please slow down! I must say this to Landon daily. He's getting too big too fast. I thought I would be more 'used to' him getting older...he is my third baby. His older brother and sister went through the same changes and did not listen to me either. They are now 12 and 10 respectively. Experience with growing children has not prepared me with the proper tools to watch my third, my last one get big.

When I was in the kitchen making dinner last night, Landon asked if he could read to me. He dragged to the kitchen his little yellow chair and settled right in front of the fridge. He brought with him exactly 1 library book and 2 unlaced shoes on 2 big feet. I asked him when his feet got so big...he just laughed and opened his book.

He's almost too big for his little yellow chair...and I can't believe that I didn't notice this before. I stood about 3 feet from my little landon who is not so little anymore...staring at him like I hadn't noticed ever before that he was now in size 7 shorts and a medium tee. How did time go by so fast. So, Landon read his book while I stirred my risotto. He actually read his book. I am amazed {even after 2 kids already through the first grade} that kids can read this early.

Landon read and I cooked. The company was perfect.

And then I told him to slow down and stop getting big. He laughed again at my ridiculous request and continued on reading.

This is the kid who asks me on a daily basis if he can live with me forever. Tells me almost every night that I smell good. Makes the loudest 'mmmmm' sounds when I am making dinner and has to come to me every night for 'just one more kiss and hug goodnight!' He is completely connected to me.

Dear Landon, I know you have to grow every day and that's fine...really it is. But could you, just for me, slow it down a bit. Keep your 6 year old voice a little longer and continue to fashionably wear marker on your fingers...it goes with everything you wear. Still hug and kiss me and come to me when you are sad. If you do...I will bake you chocolate chip cookies after school today. Promise.
♥ mom

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