Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've got your dessert idea for tonight

And they are super easy too. Kind of an easy take on whoopie pies. My children have somehow gotten used to the idea of dessert after dinner. Every night, without fail, as soon as they drop their dinner dishes off at the sink, I hear them one right after another, "what's for dessert?" Most nights we wing it with ice cream or cookies...but last night was a little more special.

I was very lucky to have two helpers with me. In fact, I most often have their help in the kitchen. Sometimes my patience is really tried...especially when they fight over who gets to crack the eggs...but for the most part, I find it a joy to teach them what I have learned myself.

I first came across this easy box recipe on Darby's blog...and since then I have seen a few variations. Most of them are pretty similar and have the same basics.

Landon looks so tall because he is standing on one of his little school chairs...he almost doesn't need it anymore. I wish he would slow his growing just a little. 7 years old is coming way too soon. Looking at this photo, I can see how big his little hands are getting. Slow down boy, slow down.

Morgan has always loved to be my helper in the kitchen. I try an encourage her to be comfortable experimenting and she seems to really enjoy that. My first two children both started preschool and attended kindergarten in a Montessori school. I have to say that I really really loved the way the children were taught. Both Mikey and Morgan enjoyed the practical life part of their day the most. Children were able to learn the basics of exactly that, practical life. They were taught how to sew, clean, wash dishes, self care, food preparation, gardening and the like. I absolutely think that elementary schools should incorporate some sort of class hour like this today. And I think it should be mandatory again in High School as well as a Budgeting 101 class. But before I get too off track...let's finish baking first. Can you see the big curls in Morgan's hair? She just started curling it herself. I can tell you that when I was 10 years old...I was not operating a curling iron or hair dryer without the help of my mother. It wasn't until I was about 12 that I started to sleep in those uncomfortable pink spongy rollers that gave me the curl I longed for. Even then, my mom had to roll them for me every night. {Thanks, mom!}

My helpers were doing a great job until the phone rang....and Landon absolutely had to take the call. I'm serious folks. Mom and dessert got put on hold so he could carry on a conversation. He didn't like the fact that I was following him and the phone around, so he locked himself in the pantry to finish up his socializing.

After Landon's socializing was over, we started the best part. The mixing. I don't know about other kids, but mine are fascinated with the electric mixer. They fight over who gets to turn it on and then who gets to turn up the speed. So...Landon won and turned on the mixer and watched and waited.

And he was doing his very best to be patient while he waited.
And waited.

And waited. He tried to close me on letting him turn the mixer to high "just to see how fast it goes, mom." I declined. Did not have the energy it would take to clean the ceilings. is where I put the camera down and forgot to photo the rest. I dropped our 'spoonfuls' a little to large and ended up with cakes that were too big. So I took my 1'' biscuit cutter and cut out the cakes to make them smaller.
Then we decorated the tops with powdered sugar and threw them in the fridge to cool some more. The result................yumm-o. I will say that they pair very well with morning coffee. They also pair very well with a big glass of milk.

The recipe is really easy and again was from Darby's blog {which is a favorite}
All you need is:
1 box of Devil's Cake Mix (make according to box directions except for add only 3/4 cup of water and add the instant pudding)
1 box of Instant Chocolate Pudding
Frosting {I cheated and used the already made...I can't help it nor do I feel bad...I love the taste of the vanilla and it's so easy}
Mix everything together while your oven is preheating to 350.
Line baking sheets with parchment paper.
Lay little spoonfuls about an inch apart onto parchment and bake in oven for 10-12 minutes. {I actually left them in almost 2 minutes longer than this to make sure they baked through}
Let them completely cool.
When they are cool...put frosting on one and then smoosh it with another.
Enjoy...and don't blame me if your pants are tight after making these. They're good.


  1. These look and sound so good, I bet the pool man would be all over them!! And they sound pretty easy which I am all over!! hope you are doing well...the sun is shining and spring is here, pull out those flippy flops and sunscreen!

  2. Im so glad im coming over later.. Save 1... i mean 2.. i mean 3.... erm.... a dozen for me!

  3. elastic waist bands to be worn on those days!
    looks like heaven

    ps--i love your blinged out haviannas!!
    sorry i haven't been around...i'm so behind

    hope all is well :)