Friday, July 30, 2010

what i'm wearing...

i must admit...i love when you ladies put together your style or what i'm wearing posts...
i have decided to jump on board and join the fun...'s a good way to keep my look fresh and put a little more effort into it if i will

be sharing what i'm wearing...

so here it is...or i am...

i call this my birthday dress only because i wore it on my birthday shopping in san diego...

it had the wow factor in that when i walked out of the bedroom at the hotel into

the living room where mr c was...i got a big ol' wow!...

it's girly, ruffly and frilly...the 3 most important qualities in a dress in my book

today i wore it to run errands with my 3 little monkeys...

it's humid outside and only 94 degrees so i thought i would be the right

choice for a day that would be in and out of the car running to the library, grocery

store and of course, to starbucks...

the dress: urban outfitters in san diego {scored on sale for $30}
i paired it with my fav belt from target {scored on clearance for about 6 bucks}
the shoes: tory burch ballet flats {ok...they are pricey but sooo worth it...most comfortable flats of my life...and mr c just bought the black ones for my birthday...they are $195 and worth every penny...pinky promise}
i must also mention that when i had this dress on in san slip did a peek a boo and showed itself...when mr c pointed it out to me so that i might fix it...his 15 year old daughter asked me what a slip was...i was girls these days really not know the importance of a slip?...
i never leave home without mine...does that make me sound old or what?

want to see what my sister is wearing...check her here


  1. You look 16.. can you drive yet? LOL.. I love that dress.. and Im wearing the same belt today with my black dress... LOL.. we are such sisters! Ps.. i love the bangs.. can i copy?

  2. Love that dress! I'm sure I had no idea you guys were sisters - doh! Now it makes sense - both adorable ;O)
    B x

  3. Love the dress! looks great on you as well! skinny mini! and i love your hair straight....its stunning...i know i cant change the past but i wanted to tell you i miss you..if it matters

  4. HAHA i just read your note from my nephew post...we are doing still working on getting preg..hoping i am right now xxx fingers! are you still trying??
    oh and i love love your hair straight! wait i think i already told you that hehe

  5. My mom thinks your dress is cute & your hair, too! I agree!
    <3 Dani

  6. I want to look like you