Thursday, July 29, 2010

celebrating mikey... a very low key way. it's been a few years since i have

thrown a birthday party for mikey. he has sort of outgrown them, but i do like to

recognize the day in a few special ways. i never want him or any of my children to look back and feel that their days were ordinary ones.

so..our day was scheduled by this guy. my teenager. i feel old just typing teenager.

we had lunch at his favorite...and my favorite...p.f.changs...have you had their crispy green beans?...a m a z i n g to say the least.

mikey sat like this...with his head resting on the table playing on his itouch which was

his birthday gift this year...teenagers.

after lunch, we dropped mr c off at work and the kids and i headed over to

see the movie the sorcerer's apprentice...mikey's choice

we loved it...go see it...'nuff said.


after our movie...sister and her boys headed over for a good ol' fashioned family party.
nothing beats a family party in my book...

the plan was to grill italian sausage for dinner...

i canceled that when the pouring rain made a visit and

soaked my new shoes and bag...not very nice...i had
not been to the market to pick up the sausage yet so we went to plan b:

we ordered pizza.
you can never go wrong with pizza at a birthday party.

none of the kids complained.

neither did the adults...even if it was just sister and myself as the adults

we made a kids only table...

we just used items from the craft pantry and added a few jars filled with candy...
the kids like it when the grown ups arent allowed to sit at the special table

it's kind of the 'im too old for birthday decor but i still want a little decor to celebrate' theme

sister caught some photos of the foxy birthday stud and myself...

do you know how hard it is to get this guy to even look at my camera?...

it would be easier to birth another baby without an epidural.

on second thought...maybe strictly an epidural kind of girl...

what do you think of my new bangs...i went for the long sweepy

sexy bangs look last still getting used to them...
i think they have magical powers of persuasion over mr c...i've gotten away with a few things
that make me believe this were true...
how about a funky photo...

so i offered to slave away in the kitchen for an entire

afternoon baking the cake of my boy's dreams but he begged and pleaded

for an ice cream cake from baskin and robbins

or maybe it was me who wanted the ice cream cake...
so i did what any good mother would do and put away all of the
ingredients for the homemade cake and headed out the door to buy one...

mikey asked for a vanilla cake with chocolate ice cream...

i brought home a chocolate cake with oreo ice cream...

should not have gone to pick up the cake with an empty belly and menstrual cravings for
chocolate in high gear

no one complained

so i didn't bake the cake but i did place all 13 candles on my own...

that counts for something, right

i love this photo below...the kid was seriously thinking about what to wish for...almost as if he
knew it was going to come true


i made a wish too...still waiting to see if it comes true

hands down... my favorite photo of this guy...peace out x's two

i am that mom who snuck a cheeky kiss on my boy...and i promised him i would not post it on
my blog...oops...youneversawthisphoto...

hope your birthday was as special as you mikey boy...


  1. just catching up on your blog and want to wish you a very happy birthday and Mikey too! I think you look 16 in these I'm seriously considering bangs. Adorable.

  2. That was a great party! Mikey is so handsome!
    The cake and pizza was great, perfect for a party! And i think my picture taking skills are improving.. i didnt do too bad... maybe its just your great camera!

  3. Wow looks like a super fun party! So my daughter walked in and said "oh man , whos that!! cute boy??" ha i say" remember rebecca, from entz..her boy he just turned 13.." she said oh yes shes the really pretty one, with the cute kids and house...ha! just thought youd smile hearing that...Oh and yes i love the bangs! and love your straight hair...and hope your wish come true!