Thursday, July 29, 2010


last saturday, i turned 35...a pretty substantial age in my book.
today, my first born, mikey turns 13...
another very substantial age in my book.
my first teenager.
i was not ready for happened way too fast.

i remember very well turning 13. i started thinking for myself and discovering interests on my own and my relationships with my parents changed. i remember thinking that my parents were so old. i checked with mikey earlier to see if he thought of me as old and he said no. that eased my mind a little bit because i am pretty weird about that whole getting older gig. i don't mind it...i just am not sure how to handle it yet...what am i too old for and too young for...i'm right in the middle of that.
anyway...back to my birthday boy.

this kid is so great. he's smart. i have him do fast math for me in target all of the time. he computes really fast in his head...he did not get that from me. i still rely on my fingers to help me out sometimes. no joke there, sister.
this kid is also very analytical and logical...if something doesn't make sense to him...he works it out in his head until it does. his mind is not lazy by any means. i am grateful for that. that will be key in him being successful.

he is my first born. the one that i made most mistakes with as a first time mother. he is my trial and error kid in ways. he is a great older brother...and landon is convinced that mikey hung the moon.
he holds interst in the beach, creating his stop motion videos, constructing lego masterpieces, family, beef jerky, football, the patriots and the steelers, chocolate ice cream, nike kicks, fox racing sports hats and star wars.
this is seriously the coolest kid....that's exactly what my dad would say about mikey if he were still here with us.

he starts 8th grade in just 2 weeks. he only has 5 years left of schooling before he heads off to M I T to be a famous engineer....that's my plan for him anyway...we'll see what he thinks of it when it gets closer...

happy 13th birthday mikey.
i love you more than all the stars in the sky.
you are the coolest kid around.
love, mom



  2. So sweet! Happy belated bday to you and happy 13th to Mikey!

  3. Happy Birthday Mikey! Dad would also say, "hes an old fart! I hate the "F' word too.. but thats what came to mind! :) 13!