Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{on a wednesday}

{this photo has nothing to do with my ramblings. just something i like to look at when i walk through my front door.}
It is 4:54pm and I am wiped. Wishing that when I quit the coffee 8 weeks ago, I kept the emergency bag of Starbucks French Roast instead of handing it off to sister. Should have known there would be days like this.
My alarm went off at 6:15 this morning. It was still dark outside. We slept with our window open and when I woke, the dark sky and the morning chill quickly married and left me no other choice but to hit snooze and burrow under my blue fuzzy blanket. Best Christmas gift thus far. Maybe a tie with the Kindle Mr C gifted me.
I reason with myself almost every morning. What time do I really need to be up? Am I working out today? If so then that allows for more time to burrow in bed. If not, then it's up for an early shower. Although that means getting up first and claiming the first shower with ALL of the hot water. That's like the house prize of the day. The warmest shower award. The first question out of Mr C's mouth in the morning is, "Do I have hot water?" I always answer with an enthusiastic, "YES!" all the while thinking in my head.."no babe, your shower is gonna suck."
Today I did not work out. I had the hot shower instead.
I had Morgan to chorus at 7:25. Bagels in the toaster by 7:30. And a pretty decent morning hug from Landon while I searched for matching socks in the laundry room.
I finished readying myself for the day stopping once to climb on top of Mr C and wake him up. I always put my cold hands on his back and then ask if he wants to feel how cold my hands are. He always says no. I laugh every time because my hands freeze in the morning.
Called the school to excuse Landon for his dental appointment and then headed towards Mikey's room to wake him up.
8:50 rolls around and I run Mikey to school. Try to get a little conversation out of him on the way but I got nothing. We took the kids to a hockey game last night and got home kind of late. Mikey was up late finishing Social Studies and Spanish and woke up feeling the repercussions this morning. Excuse for being cranky/quiet.
Mr C headed to the gym around 9:45 leaving me and Landon home. Landon took a 15 minute shower. I heard him singing Katy Perry. Couldn't bring myself to tell him to get out of the shower already.
Made the bed. {rarely happens}
Head off to Landon's dental appointment and get 45 minutes to myself to read one of the 4 books I have going.
No cavities. Head to AJ's for a sugar cookie.
Home for 15 minutes before I head to the school to fetch Morgan. Extra early release Wednesday.
Off to get Mikey. Run through McDonalds for vanilla cones. Sunny and 80 outside.
Welcome Spring.
Email from Morgan's sewing instructor. Bronchitis. No sewing. Awesome.
Blog surf/cry for 30 minutes before unbending craving for Mexican food takes over.
Take out from Rosas in the form of enchiladas and bean burros with rice.
Satisfied and full.
Now it's 5:30. Still wiped and wishing for coffee.
Going to close all blinds, change clocks and convince kids it's bedtime.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I thought my day was full until I read about yours. It made me tired. :)