Monday, February 28, 2011

just like me

There have been so many times recently that I have thought to myself that Morgan is just like me. My sister says it on a weekly basis anymore....'she's just like you." How could I ever get tired of hearing that.

She's the perfect amount of silly and creative...her mind does not stop. Just like me. Her bedroom floor is covered with craft supplies, stickers, scrappy pieces of paper that she refuses to throw away, scissors and the like. Her scrapbook is always open and being fancied in all sorts of ways. Her pages are never completely finished. She sees it...and then creates it. I'd love to just spend one hour in her mind while she's creating.

She's overly sensitive when it comes to animals. Just like me. We both cover our eyes or change the channel when the commercials with the wounded and neglected animals comes on. Too much for us to handle. We grab our fuzzy dogs and hug them immediately.

She takes her shoes off the moment she gets home. Just like me. Everyday gets better when feet are bare and naked. We both know that secret and discovered it when we were little. This is the reason why mr c comes home to all of my shoes next to his side of the bed (and that drives him nuts!).

This girl is who I was when I was 11. Only, she's a lot more confident than I was. Thank goodness for that. I missed out on so much because I was so shy. If I could go back...I would change that first.

It's the most amazing feeling to know that this girl that I made, made me too. The power that my motherhood has with her is great and my love for her is unbending.

This girl is the best version of me.

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